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Simple Python task execution

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Invoke is a Python (2.6+ and 3.3+) task execution tool & library, drawing inspiration from various sources to arrive at a powerful & clean feature set.

  • Like Ruby's Rake tool and Invoke's own predecessor Fabric 1.x, it provides a clean, high level API for running shell commands and defining/organizing task functions from a file:

    .. code-block:: python

    from invoke import task

    @task def clean(ctx, docs=False, bytecode=False, extra=''): patterns = ['build'] if docs: patterns.append('docs/_build') if bytecode: patterns.append('*/.pyc') if extra: patterns.append(extra) for pattern in patterns:"rm -rf %s" % pattern)

    @task def build(ctx, docs=False):"python build") if docs:"sphinx-build docs docs/_build")

  • From GNU Make, it inherits an emphasis on minimal boilerplate for common patterns and the ability to run multiple tasks in a single invocation::

    $ invoke clean build

  • Following the lead of most Unix CLI applications, it offers a traditional flag-based style of command-line parsing, deriving flag names and value types from task signatures (optionally, of course!)::

    $ invoke clean --docs --bytecode build --docs --extra='/*.pyo' $ invoke clean -d -b build --docs -e '*/.pyo' $ invoke clean -db build -de '/*.pyo'

  • Like many of its predecessors, it offers advanced features as well -- namespacing, task aliasing, before/after hooks, parallel execution and more.

For documentation, including detailed installation information, please see Post-install usage information may be found in invoke --help.

You can install the development version <>_ via pip install invoke==dev --allow-unverified invoke.

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