Parse and output TODOs and FIXMEs from comments in your files


Parse and output TODOs and FIXMEs from comments in your files

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Easily extract, collect and report TODOs and FIXMEs in your code. This project uses regex in order to extract your todos from comments.

Basic output example of leasot

Comment format

TODO: add some info

  • Spaces are optional.
  • Colon is optional.
  • Must be in a comment (line or block) in its’ own line (some code(); //TODO: do something is not supported).
  • Can be prefixed with a @ (i.e @TODO).
  • Spaces are trimmed around comment text.
  • Supported default types are TODO and FIXME - case insensitive.
  • Additional types can be added (using tags in cli and customTags in leasot.parse)
  • New extensions can be associated with bundled parsers as many languages have overlapping syntax
  • Supports both leading and trailing references. E.g. // TODO(tregusti): Make this better or // TODO: Text /tregusti

Supported languages:

Filetype Extension Notes Parser Name
C# .cs Supports // and /* */ comments. defaultParser
C++/C .cpp .c .h Supports // and /* */ comments. defaultParser
Coffee-React .cjsx Supports # comments. coffeeParser
Coffeescript .coffee Supports # comments. coffeeParser
CSon .cson Supports # comments. coffeeParser
CSS .css Supports /* */ comments. defaultParser
EJS .ejs Supports <!-- --> and <%# %> ejsParser
Erb .erb Supports <!-- --> and <%# %> ejsParser
Erlang .erl .hrl Supports % comments. erlangParser
Go .go Supports // and /* */ comments. defaultParser
Haml .haml Supports / -# <!-- --> and <%# %> twigParser
Handlebars .hbs .handlebars Supports {{! }} and {{!-- --}} hbsParser
Haskell .hs Supports -- haskellParser
Hogan .hgn .hogan Supports {{! }} and {{!-- --}} hbsParser
HTML .html .htm Supports <!-- --> twigParser
Nunjucks .njk Supports {# #} and <!-- --> twigParser
Jade .jade .pug Supports // and //- comments. jadeParser
Javascript .js .es .es6 Supports // and /* */ comments defaultParser
Jsx .jsx Supports // and /* */ comments. defaultParser
Less .less Supports // and /* */ comments. defaultParser
Mustache .mustache Supports {{! }} and {{!-- --}} hbsParser
Pascal .pas Supports // and { } comments. pascalParser
Perl .pl, .pm Supports # comments. coffeeParser
PHP .php Supports // and /* */ comments. defaultParser
Python .py Supports """ and # comments. pythonParser
Ruby .rb Supports # comments. coffeeParser
Sass .sass .scss Supports // and /* */ comments. defaultParser
Shell .sh .zsh .bash Supports # comments. coffeeParser
SilverStripe .ss Supports <%-- --%> comments. ssParser
Stylus .styl Supports // and /* */ comments. defaultParser
Twig .twig Supports {# #} and <!-- --> twigParser
Typescript .ts Supports // and /* */ comments. defaultParser
Vue .vue Supports // /* */ <!-- --> comments. twigParser

Javascript is the default parser.

PRs for additional filetypes is most welcomed!!


Command Line


$ npm install --global leasot


$ leasot --help

  Usage: leasot [options] <file ...>

  Parse and output TODOs and FIXMEs from comments in your files


    -h, --help                           output usage information
    -V, --version                        output the version number
    -A, --associate-parser [ext,parser]  associate unknown extensions with bundled parsers (parser optional / default: defaultParser)
    -i, --ignore <patterns>              add ignore patterns
    -I, --inline-files                   parse possible inline files
    -r, --reporter [reporter]            use reporter (table|json|xml|markdown|raw) (default: table)
    -S, --skip-unsupported               skip unsupported filetypes
    -t, --filetype [filetype]            force the filetype to parse. Useful for streams (default: .js)
    -T, --tags <tags>                    add additional comment types to find (alongside todo & fixme)


    # Check a specific file
    $ leasot index.js

    # Check php files with glob
    $ leasot **/*.php

    # Check multiple different filetypes
    $ leasot app/**/*.js test.rb

    # Use the json reporter
    $ leasot --reporter json index.js

    # Search for REVIEW comments as well
    $ leasot --tags review index.js

    # Add ignore pattern to filter matches
    $ leasot app/**/*.js --ignore "**/custom.js"

    # Search for REVIEW comments as well
    $ leasot --tags review index.js

    # Check a stream specifying the filetype as coffee
    $ cat index.coffee | leasot --filetype .coffee

    # Report from leasot parsing and filter todos using `jq`
    $ leasot tests/**/*.styl --reporter json | jq 'map(select(.kind == "TODO"))' | leasot-reporter



$ npm install --save-dev leasot


var fs = require('fs');
var leasot = require('leasot');

var contents = fs.readFileSync('./contents.js', 'utf8');
// get the filetype of the file, or force a special parser
var filetype = path.extname('./contents.js');
// add file for better reporting
var file = 'contents.js';
var todos = leasot.parse({ext: filetype,content: contents,fileName: file});

// -> todos now contains the array of todos/fixme parsed

var output = leasot.reporter(todos, {
    reporter: 'json',
    spacing: 2

// -> json output of the todos

Build Time


var leasot = require('leasot');

leasot exposes the following API:


Associates a bundled parser with a new extension.

The parsers parameter must be completed in the following format:

    '.cls': {
        parserName: 'defaultParser'


Check whether extension is supported by parser.

Specify an extension including the prefixing dot, for example:

leasot.isExtSupported('.js'); //-> true

Returns: Boolean


Name Type Required Default Description
ext string Yes The extension the parse as including a prefixing dot.
content string Yes Content to parse
fileName string No fileName to attach to todos output
customTags array No [] Additional tags (comment types) to search for (alongside todo & fixme)
withIncludedFiles boolean No false Parse also possible included file types (for example: css inside a php file
associateParser object No See .associateExtWithParser for syntax

Returns: array of comments.

    file: 'parsedFile.js',
    text: 'comment text',
    kind: 'TODO',
    line: 8,
    ref: 'reference'

.reporter(comments, config)

Use the specified reporter to report the comments.

comments is the array of comments received from leasot.parse().

config is an object that will also be passed to the reporter itself (allowing custom options for each reporter).

It may also contain the specified reporter:


Can be a string indicating the built-in reporter to use, or an external library used as a reporter.

Could also be a custom function (comments, config)

Type: String|Function

Required: false

Default: raw

Built-in Reporters

  • json
  • xml
  • raw
  • table
  • markdown

Each reporter might contain config params that are useful only for that reporter:


Returns a markdown version of the todos.



How to separate lines in the output file. Defaults to your OS’s default line separator.

Type: String

Default: Your system default line feed


How many newLines should separate between comment type blocks.

Type: Number

Default: 2

Minimum: 0


Control the output of a header for each comment kind (i.e todo, fixme).

Type: Function


transformHeader: function (kind) {
    return ['### ' + kind + 's',
        '| Filename | line # | ' + kind,

kind: will be be passed as the comment kind (todo/fixme).

Returns: String[]|String

You are expected to return either an Array of strings or just a string. If you return an array - each item will be separated by a newline in the output.

transformComment(file, line, text, kind, ref)

Control the output for each comment.

Type: Function


transformComment: function (file, line, text, kind, ref) {
    return ['| ' + file + ' | ' + line + ' | ' + text];

file: filename the comment was in.

line: line of comment.

text: comment text. Default “.

kind: will be be passed as the comment kind (todo/fixme).

ref: a reference. Default “.

Returns: String[]|String

You are expected to return either an Array of strings or just a string. If you return an array - each item will be separated by a newline in the output.


Returns a pretty formatted table of the todos.


Just returns the raw javascript todos


Return a JSON valid representation of the todos.



Type: Number

Default: 2


Return an unformatted XML valid representation of the todos.

Parsed using json2xml



Whether to include xml header

Type: Boolean

Default: true


See https://github.com/estheban/node-json2xml#options–behaviour

Type: Boolean

Default: undefined


MIT ©Gilad Peleg