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A personal music streaming server that works.

2 years after MIT

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Koel (also stylized as koel, with a lowercase k) is a simple web-based personal audio streaming service written in Vue on the client side and Laravel on the server side. Targeting web developers, Koel embraces some of the more modern web technologies – flexbox, audio, and drag-and-drop API to name a few – to do its job.

Install and Upgrade Guide

For system requirements, installation/upgrade guides, troubleshooting etc., head over to the Official Documentation.

Native App

An electron-based desktop client, in its early days, is also available here.


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blueimp-md5 ^2.3.0
intersection-observer ^0.2.0
ismobilejs ^0.4.0
local-storage ^1.4.2
lodash ^4.16.2
nouislider ^9.1.0
nprogress ^0.2.0
plyr 1.5.x
select ^1.0.6
slugify ^1.0.2
vue ^2.1.9
vue-virtual-scroller ^0.5.0
vuequery ^1.0.0
youtube-player ^3.0.4
dev autoprefixer ^6.7.2
babel-eslint ^7.2.3
babel-plugin-transform-runtime ^6.23.0
babel-polyfill ^6.23.0
babel-preset-stage-0 ^6.24.1
babel-register ^6.23.0
babel-runtime ^6.22.0
chai ^3.4.1
chalk ^1.1.3
cross-env ^3.2.3
eslint ^3.10.2
eslint-config-vue ^2.0.1
eslint-plugin-vue ^1.0.0
font-awesome ^4.7.0
jsdom ^9.2.1
laravel-mix ^0.8.0
mocha ^2.3.4
node-sass ^3.4.2
sinon ^1.17.2


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