A python script to login to IITD proxy servers. Born out of frustration when I couldn't login without a browser. To be used only from within IIT Delhi.

3 years after

IIT Delhi Proxy login script


why, of all the infinite possible reasons, was this made?

There were days, when I had to ssh into a server, and when I need to download something, I had to download it locally , scp it to server, and this irked me enough to get my lazy self to write a script. Does what it says on the tin.


what, of all the infinite possible actions, does this do?

This is a simple python script, that asks for your proxy category, userid, and password, and logs you in to the proxy servers.


how, of all the infinite possible ways, should I use it?

Run it. Or eat it for dinner.
P.S: You'll need python3.x , and there is a cool configuration thingy available.


can you be trusted? What if you are stealing my passwords?

Good Lord!! Read the source. If you are lazy enough not to read the source, and skeptic enough not to trust, maintain a distance of 2.45 meters from my code.

umm.. why 2.45 meters, sir?

I'd tell you, if I knew. Seriously!


can I copy this?

This is my intellectual property, original creation, and is copylefted. Use it for anything, but be warned that I am not liable, in any way, for any misuse, real or perceived, of this code.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Python 3.x version is up-to-date, and is currently under active development.

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