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Builds PHP so that multiple versions can be used side by side.

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php-build is a utility for building versions of PHP to use them side by side with each other. The overall structure is loosly borrowed from Sam Stephenson's ruby-build.

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As phpenv plugin

With CHH/phpenv via installer

It's the standard way: installs phpenv in $HOME/.phpenv (default $PHPENV_ROOT value).

curl -L \
    | bash

See more on install CHH/phpenv + php-build/php-build (and other plugins), updating all of them when you want to!

With phpenv manually

Locate your phpenv directory:

% ls $HOME/.phpenv

Clone the Git repository into phpenv plugins directory:

% git clone git:// $HOME/.phpenv/plugins/php-build

Now you can use php-build as phpenv plugin, as follows:

% phpenv install <definition>

The built version will be installed into $HOME/.phpenv/versions/<definition>.

As standalone php-build

Clone the Git Repository:

% git clone git://

Then go into the extracted/cloned directory and run:

% ./

This installs php-build to the default prefix /usr/local.

To install php-build to an other location than /usr/local set the PREFIX environment variable:

% PREFIX=$HOME/local ./

If you don't have permissions to write to the prefix, then you have to run as superuser, either via su -c or via sudo.


Issue reports and pull requests are always welcome.

All contributions will be reviewed and merged by the core team:





php-build is released under the MIT License.

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