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BDD-style testing using Objective-C


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Cedar is a BDD-style Objective-C testing framework with an expressive matcher DSL and convenient test doubles.

describe(@"Example specs on NSString", ^{
    it(@"lowercaseString returns a new string with everything in lower case", ^{
        [@"FOOBar" lowercaseString] should equal(@"foobar");

    it(@"length returns the number of characters in the string", ^{
        [@"internationalization" length] should equal(20);

    describe(@"isEqualToString:", ^{
        it(@"should return true if the strings are the same", ^{
            [@"someString" isEqualToString:@"someString"] should be_truthy;

        it(@"should return false if the strings are not the same", ^{
            [@"someString" isEqualToString:@"anotherString"] should be_falsy;

Quick start

  • Add Cedar to your project via CocoaPods (pod 'Cedar'), Carthage (github "pivotal/cedar"), or another method

  • Install the Cedar Xcode file templates using the Alcatraz package manager or by running this command in a terminal: $ curl -L https://raw.github.com/pivotal/cedar/master/install.sh | bash

  • Or if you want to install from HEAD. Run:

    $ bash <(echo "set -- --head; $(curl -L https://raw.github.com/pivotal/cedar/master/install.sh)")
  • Restart Xcode

  • Add new spec files to your project’s Test Bundle using the Xcode templates

  • Start writing specs!


Documentation can be found on the Cedar Wiki.

Support and feedback


Please read the Contributor Guide on the wiki.


Copyright © 2010-2016 Pivotal Labs. This software is licensed under the MIT License. Mixpanel

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