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An open source ecosystem for IoT development :alien: Cross-platform build system, unified debugger and library manager. Continuous and IDE integration. Arduino, ESP8266 and ARM mbed compatible.


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PlatformIO <>_ is an open source ecosystem for IoT development. Cross-platform build system, unified debugger and library manager. Continuous and IDE integration. Arduino, ESP8266 and ARM mbed compatible

  • PlatformIO IDE - The next-generation integrated development environment for IoT. C/C++ Intelligent Code Completion and Smart Code Linter for the super-fast coding. Multi-projects workflow with Multiple Panes. Themes Support with dark and light colors. Built-in Terminal with PlatformIO Core tool and support for the powerful Serial Port Monitor. All advanced instruments without leaving your favourite development environment.
  • Development Platforms - Embedded and Desktop development platforms with pre-built toolchains, debuggers, uploaders and frameworks which work under popular host OS: Mac, Windows, Linux (+ARM)
  • Embedded Boards - Rapid Embedded Programming, IDE and Continuous Integration in a few steps with PlatformIO thanks to built-in project generator for the most popular embedded boards and IDE
  • Library Manager - Hundreds Popular Libraries are organized into single Web 2.0 platform: list by categories, keywords, authors, compatible platforms and frameworks; learn via examples; be up-to-date with the latest version.

Atmel AVR & SAM, Espressif 8266 & 32, Freescale Kinetis, Intel ARC32, Lattice iCE40, Microchip PIC32, Nordic nRF51, NXP LPC, Silicon Labs EFM32, ST STM32, TI MSP430 & Tiva, Teensy, Arduino, mbed, libOpenCM3, etc.

  • PlatformIO Plus and professional solutions <>_
  • PlatformIO IDE <>_
  • Get Started <>_
  • Library Search and Registry <>_
  • Development Platforms <>_
  • Frameworks <>_
  • Embedded Boards Explorer <>_
  • Library Manager <>_
  • User Guide <>_
  • Continuous Integration <>_
  • IDE Integration <>_
  • Articles about us <>_
  • FAQ <>_
  • Release Notes <>_

Use whenever. Run everywhere.

PlatformIO is written in pure Python and doesn't depend on any additional libraries/tools from an operating system. It allows you to use PlatformIO beginning from PC (Mac, Linux, Win) and ending with credit-card sized computers (Raspberry Pi <>, BeagleBone <>, CubieBoard <>_).

Embedded Development. Easier Than Ever.

PlatformIO is well suited for embedded development and has pre-configured settings for most popular Embedded Boards <>_.

  • Colourful command-line output <>_
  • IDE Integration <>_ with Cloud9, Codeanywhere, Eclipse Che, Atom, CLion, CodeBlocks, Eclipse, Emacs, NetBeans, Qt Creator, Sublime Text, Vim, Visual Studio
  • Cloud compiling and Continuous Integration <>_ with AppVeyor, Circle CI, Drone, Shippable, Travis CI
  • Built-in Serial Port Monitor <> and configurable build -flags/-options <>
  • Automatic firmware uploading
  • Pre-built tool chains, frameworks for the popular development platforms <>_

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The Missing Library Manager. It's here!

PlatformIO Library Manager is the missing library manager for development platforms which allows you to organize and have up-to-date external libraries.

  • Friendly Command-Line Interface <>_
  • Modern Web 2.0 Library Portal <>_
  • Open Source Library Registry API <>_
  • Library Crawler based on library.json <>_ specification
  • Project Dependency Manager with Semantic Versioning <>_ requirements

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Smart Build System. Fast and Reliable.

PlatformIO Code Builder is built-on a next-generation software construction tool named SCons <>_. Think of SCons as an improved, cross-platform substitute for the classic Make utility.

  • Reliable, automatic dependency analysis
  • Reliable detection of build changes
  • Improved support for parallel builds
  • Ability to share built files in a cache
  • Lookup for external libraries which are installed via Library Manager <>_

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Single source code. Multiple platforms.

PlatformIO allows the developer to compile the same code with different development platforms using only One Command platformio run <>. This happens due to Project Configuration File (platformio.ini) <> where you can setup different environments with specific options (platform type, firmware uploading settings, pre-built framework, build flags and many more).

It has support for the most popular embedded platforms:

  • Atmel AVR <>_
  • Atmel SAM <>_
  • Espressif 32 <>_
  • Espressif 8266 <>_
  • Freescale Kinetis <>_
  • Intel ARC32 <>_
  • Lattice iCE40 <>_
  • Microchip PIC32 <>_
  • Nordic nRF51 <>_
  • NXP LPC <>_
  • ST STM32 <>_
  • Silicon Labs EFM32 <>_
  • Teensy <>_
  • TI MSP430 <>_
  • TI TivaVA C <>_


  • Arduino <>_
  • ARTIK SDK <>_
  • CMSIS <>_
  • Energia <>_
  • ESP-IDF <>_
  • libOpenCM3 <>_
  • mbed <>_
  • Pumbaa <>_
  • Simba <>_
  • SPL <>_
  • WiringPi <>_

For further details, please refer to What is PlatformIO? <>_


See contributing guidelines <>_.


Copyright 2014-present PlatformIO [email protected]

The PlatformIO is licensed under the permissive Apache 2.0 license, so you can use it in both commercial and personal projects with confidence.

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