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POCO C++ Libraries - Cross-platform C++ libraries with a network/internet focus.

POCO C++ Libraries

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POrtable COmponents C++ Libraries are:

  • A collection of C++ class libraries, conceptually similar to the Java Class Library, the .NET Framework or Apple’s Cocoa.
  • Focused on solutions to frequently-encountered practical problems.
  • Focused on ‘internet-age’ network-centric applications.
  • Written in efficient, modern, 100% ANSI/ISO Standard C++.
  • Based on and complementing the C++ Standard Library/STL.
  • Highly portable and available on many different platforms.
  • Open Source, licensed under the Boost Software License.

To start using POCO, see the Guided Tour and Getting Started documents.

POCO has an active user and contributing community, please visit our web site, forum and blog. Answers to POCO-related questions can also be found on Stack Overflow.

Please see CONTRIBUTING for submitting contributions, bugs reports, feature requests or security issues.

In regards to Boost, in spite of some functional overlapping, POCO is best thought of as a Boost complement (rather than replacement). Side-by-side use of Boost and POCO is a very common occurrence.

When contributing to POCO, please adhere to our guidelines.

All text file line endings in the repository must be Unix-style (LF). This includes Visual Studio project and solution files (.sln, .vcproj, .vcxproj, .vcxproj.filters).

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