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Popcorn Time Website

Setup for production

Setting up the website for production is easy 1. Run npm install in the root directory to pull in the build dependencies 2. Run grunt dist to compile and build the site 3. Setup a webserver to serve the compiled folder 4. Enjoy!

Setup for developers

Setting up the website for development is just as easy 1. Run npm install in the root directory 2. Run grunt 3. Run grunt develop 4. Visit http://localhost:8080/ 5. Edit any file and refresh the page! 6. Enjoy!

Updating translations

Updating the translations from Transifex is easy too, of course 1. Make sure you have the Transifex command-line client installed 2. Run tx pull -a in the root directory 3. Run grunt copy:locales to update the locales directory in the compiled folder

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