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ElixirConf 2016 summary

ElixirConf 2016 Summary

A collection of links that cover what happened during ElixirConf 2016. Please feel free to submit a PR!


Day 0

SimAlchemy by James Edward Gray II

Phoenix - Getting realtime with channels

Taking Off with Phoenix

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Badge Hacking with Nerves - Justin Schneck, Frank Hunleth, Garth Hitchens, Chris Dutton, Greg Mefford

Learning Elixir through TrueStory by Bruce Tate and Eric Meadows-Jönsson

Day 1


Erlang Solutions Message

Opening Keynote by Chris McCord

Abstractions: A Tale of Keys and Values by Ernie Miller

Implementing binary protocols with Elixir by Ole Michaelis

pg2 and You: Getting Distributed with Elixir by Eric Entin

The future of deployment in Elixir by Paul Schoenfelder

Code Spelunking for Knowledge and Profit by Brian Cardarella

Giving up the Object-Oriented Ghost by Zoe Laco

Nerves: Connected beyond the Node by Justin Schneck

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Selling Food With Elixir by Chris Bell

Debugging techniques in Elixir by Erich Kist

Migrating an invoicing system to Elixir/Erlang by Norberto Ortigoza

Building “learn to touch type” glove with Elixir and Arduino by Tetiana Dushenkivska

Phoenix Beyond the Browser - Realtime Applications with Phoenix and Swift by David Stump

No REST for the wicked: Building a GraphQL API by Ben Wilson

Measuring your Elixir Application by Renan Ranelli

Edgelixir: Distributed Graph Processing in Elixir by Nathan Lapierre

Lightning Talks

Day 2


Keynote by José Valim

String Theory by James Edward Gray II and Nathan Long

Refactoring Techniques for Elixir, Ecto, and Phoenix by Gary Rennie

Building umbrella project by Wojtek Mach

Collaborative Music with Elm and Phoenix by Josh Adams

Leveling Up With Ecto by Darin Wilson

Building Available and Partition Tolerant Systems with Phoenix Tracker by Gabi Zuniga

From Front End to Full Stack with Elixir and Phoenix by Lauren Tan

Nerves + Phoenix Saves a Father’s Sanity! by Joel Byler

Concurrent Feature Testing with Wallaby by Chris Keathley

The new calendar types in Elixir 1.3 by Lau Taarnskov

Painless Test Driven Development with Elixir and Phoenix by Kat Tornwall

Dialyzer: Optimistic Type Checking for Erlang and Elixir by Jason Voegele

The Joy of Connecting Elixir to the Physical World by Frank Hunleth

Elixir in Elixir by Jay Hayes

WebRTC and Phoenix, when μ seconds aren’t fast enough by Jason Stiebs

Closing Keynote by Boyd Multerer

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ElixirConf 2016 summary ...



A collection of links that cover what happened during ElixirConf 2016 ...

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