Fork of CouchDB Fauxton for PouchDB Server

Fauxton for PouchDB Server

This is a fork of the main Fauxton project with modifications designed for PouchDB Server. Go there for the real repo and real documentation.


Configuration is in the settings.json file. You can use the default settings.json.default for reference.

The main HTML file can be modified at ./assets/index.underscore. The footer was modified at ./app/addons/fauxton/templates/footer.html. CSS was modified at assets/less/fauxton.less.

Images should be modified at assets/img/pouchdb-minilogo.png and assets/img/pouchdb-site.png.


Build the HTML/CSS/JS:

npm install
grunt couchdb

Copy all files into express-pouchdb:

cp -r dist/release/* /path/to/express-pouchdb/fauxton/

Then commit to the express-pouchdb project and you’re done.