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Customizr v3.4.33 Built with Grunt

Customizr - Free Wordpress Theme

Customizr is a versatile and easy to customize WordPress theme, instantly giving a professional look to your online presence. Designed with visitor engagement in mind, it allows anyone to create a beautiful, fast and mobile friendly website compatible with all browsers and devices. Customizr works fine with major WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress, JetPack and many others. Top rated by hundreds and with a very active community of users and developers, the Customizr theme is a safe and reliable design option to publish your WordPress content.


Customizr is a free WordPress theme designed by Nicolas Guillaume in Nice, France. (website : Press Customizer) Feel free to use, modify and redistribute this theme as you like. You may remove any copyright references (unless required by third party components) and crediting is not necessary, but very appreciated… ;-D. Customizr is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2.0 or later

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Unless otherwise specified, all the theme files, scripts and images are licensed under GNU General Public License version 2, see file license.txt. The exceptions to this license are as follows: * Bootstrap by Twitter, and the Glyphicons Halflings set in inc/assets/img/glyphicons-halflings.., are licensed under the GPL-compatible [ Apache License v2.0] * bootstrap-carousel.js v2.3.0 is licensed under the Apache License * holder.js v1.9 is licensed under the Apache License * modernizr.js is dual licensed under the BSD and MIT licenses * HTML5 Shiv v3.7.0 | @afarkas @jdalton @jon_neal @rem | MIT/GPL2 Licensed * jqueryIphonecheck.js is copyrighted by Thomas Reynolds, licensed GPL & MIT * jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.js is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses * retina.min.js is copyrighted by Imulus, LLC, Ben Atkin, and other contributors and licensed under MIT * iCheck v1.0.1 by Damir Sultanov,, MIT Licensed * selecter v3.0.9 - 2014-02-10, Copyright 2014 Ben Plum, MIT Licensed * stepper v3.0.5 - 2014-02-06, Copyright 2014 Ben Plum, MIT Licensed * Hammer.JS - v2.0.4 - Copyright © 2014 Jorik Tangelder, MIT license * SmoothScroll - v1.3.8 (Balazs Galambosi), MIT license * Icon Set: Font Awesome is licensed under SIL OFL 1.1 and MIT License * The images screenshot.png, inc/assets/img/customizr-theme-customizer.png, inc/assets/img/customizr-theme-responsive.png, inc/admin/img/ are creations of Nicolas Guillaume and licensed under GPL v2+ * All images in inc/assets/img/demo are licensed under CC0 in * The image slider-loader.gif is released under the WTFPL license (, GPL compatible), generated on


= 3.4.33 October 17th 2016 = * fixed : compatibility problems with plugins using the WP tinyMCE editor. Example : Black studio tinyM

= 3.4.32 October 17th 2016 = * fixed : added back function tc__f() for retro-compatibility * updated : grey.css is now the default skin, color #5A5A5A. No impact for previous version users using the old default skin (blue3.css)

= 3.4.31 October 16th 2016 = * fixed : wrong class name in czr-init.php * fixed : footer widgets not displayed

= 3.4.30 October 15th 2016 = * added : in single post, new wp filter : apply_filters( ‘tc_single_post_section_class’, array( ‘entry-content’ ) * added : in single post, new wp action : do_action( ‘__after_single_entry_inner’ ) * added : demo singleton class CZR_prevdem * added : demo images in inc/assets/img/demo * Imp: group files in 4 main files to load in inc/ * Imp: add fp and round-div comp code with plugins running bootsrap3+ fixes #640 * Fix: fix js issue for pages with no header (dropdown placement)fixes #643 * Imp: replace class prefixes from TC to CZR * Imp: change function names prefix from tc to czr * Imp: add parallax classes and js only when slider exists * Removed : language packs translated on

= 3.4.23 September 14th 2016 = * added : a parallax scrolling option for sliders. Enabled by default. * added : the waypoint js library (v4.0.0) * changed : slide loader icon is enabled by default * fixed : center the rectangular thumbs with golden ration only in post lists, not in single posts

= 3.4.22 August 23rd 2016 = * Fix: tinymce custom style conflicts (detected with the ACF WP plugin ) with tinymce 4.x api. Fixes #626 * Fix : customizer terms array (categories/tags pickers options) not being updated on term delettion. fixes #620 * Improved : use WooCommerce breadcrumb code in wc contexts * Improved : remove it lang files - will use the ones available on * Added : new option - customize back to top - arrow position left or right

= 3.4.21 May 6th 2016 = * Fix: remove grunt live reload script fixes #611 * Fix: border-collapse specify ‘separate’ instead of ‘initial’: Opera fix should work with IE too, needs further tests * Fix: fix wp media insert in front fixes #605 * Fix: fix woocommerce variation not visible on a product page fixes #601 * Fix : rename Finnish translations to match Wordpress core * Fix: fix potential issue with the dropdown limit to viewport and some plugins (maybe) fixes #593 * Imp: be sure drodpown are displayed when overflowing the header/navbar fixes #608 * Imp: allow wc-cart in the header ajax update

= 3.4.20 March 14th 2016 = * Update: translations ru_RU and id_ID * Fix: calendar widget style in footer with multiple widget instances * Fix: disable smoothscroll touchpad support by default * Imp: move the woocommerce header options, option do display the shopping cart on scroll * Imp: wp 4.5 compatibility better rendering of the rating block in the customizer * Fix: do not display menu-button when mobile+scrolling+sticky+not_allowed fixes #571

= 3.4.19 February 16th 2016 = * Add : 3 new social icons: VKontakte, Yelp, Xing * Imp: woocommerce icon cart now rendered with font-awesome * Imp: remove outdated old ie fixes in the head * Imp: move front and back icons to Font Awesome set * Add: add customizer setting to optionally load font-awesome resources * Imp: logo - replace previous upload control in the customizer with cropped images control * Updated: translation fr_CA * Fix: slider - avoid caption increasing slides height * Fix: amend missing comma in the previous commit * Fix: better rendering of the social-block in sidebar and colophon when they take up more than one line * Fix: amend typo in the new control css * Fix: refine compatibility with old customizr versions * Fix: make icons in singular post / page contexts skin based * Fix: never display edit links in the customizer fixes #361 * Fix: avoid outline showing up on links click in ff (v44) fixes #538 * Fix: fix potential warning when using custom skins fixes #540

= 3.4.18 January 30th 2016 = * Updated Italian translation plus a typo * Add: new option - display woocommerce cart in the header when sticky fixes #499 * Fix: fix grid not considering custom max height in left sidebar layout * Fix: fix smartloaded img not correctly displayed in some browsers fixes #534 * Fix: fix slider link with QTranslate X in pre-path mode thanks to @justinbb fixes #531 * Fix: fix broken link to the header’s navigation doc * Fix: fix broken links to theme’s faq * Fix: fix broken links to the slider docs * Fix: fix broken links to the docs in class-fire-utils * Fix: fix grid expanded post edit link not reachable fixes #286 * Fix: refine alignment when tagline not shown

= 3.4.17 January 23rd 2016 = * Add: a few translation tr_TR thanks to @ghost * Add : Indonesian translation. Thanks to Rio Bermano * Fix : some Swedish translation strings. Thanks to Mia Oberg. * Fix: fix post-metas hierarchical tax check when building button class * Fix: prefer mysqli api to the mysql ones (deprecated) in sys-info fixes #508 * Fix: amend wrong documentation link in sidebar widget placeholder fixes #502 * Fix: fix jetpack’s photon - theme smartload compatibility issue * Fix: fix btt-arrow and scroll-down issue Also use more descriptive variable names. fixes #477 * Fix: fix disabling wc-header-cart to reset tc_user_options_style * Fix: avoid smartload conflict with buddypress setting avatar img fixes #467 a) * Fix: better html comments fix rare cases when some html comments were considered as server’s directives. fixes #470 * Fix: skip URIS images among imgs to smartload fixes #463 * Fix: smarload preg callback - reverse strpos param order * Fix: apply border bottom only to theme sidebars widget list item

= 3.4.16 December 10th 2015 = * Added: WooCommerce cart in the header * Added: Turkish (tr_TR) translation files * Added: Front js - new js class to better place dropdowns submenus avoiding overflowing the window * Added: Images compatibility with wp 4.4+. Added customizer options to disable the default responsive images behaviour for slider and thumbnails. * Fix: allow smartload in wp 4.4 (responsive images) * Fix: alternate layout is available only if thumb position is right/left. Also fixes the alternate layout thumbnail’s height control visibility * Fix: do not display colophon’s back to top text when back to top arrow button is enabled * Fix: rtl colophon’s layout fixes * Fix: remove unneeded css code for the secondary menu dropdown top arrow * Fix: allow smartload when jetpack’s sharing enabled * Fix: fix some issues regarding to smartload and centering imgs * Fix: show second-menu dropdown-submenu arrow anyways * Fix: WPML customizr option name * Fix: allow logo transition only when both w,h are available. * Fix: fix padding for the first menu-item in responsive menu * Fix: remove unsupported turkish translation files * Fix: Front-js - new js event triggered for sticky header and sidenav * Fix: limit dropdown top arrow adjustment to the tc-wc-menu * Fix: some CSS fixes for parent dropdown submenus in secondary menu * Fix: allow slides translations in post/pages * Updated : Dutch translation. Thanks to Helena Handa * Updated: Brazilian Portuguese translation * Updated: japanese translation * Updated Farsi translation * Improved : disable all front end notices when customizing

= 3.4.15 November 14th 2015 = * Fix: wrong variable declaration in the main front js file * Updated: Norwegian translation. Thanks to Marvin Wiik. * Fix: better way to check if the search query has results * Fix: the-events-calendar: fix showing the content twice in single event pages fixes #396 * Fix: display header in multisite signup/activate pages * updated Brazilan Portuguese. Thanks to Helena Handa. * Fix: fix column layouts in Help and About admin pages * Add: WPML compatibility * Improved: disable the front end notices when customizing

= 3.4.14 November 4th 2015 = * Add: Added a dismissable help notice on front-end in post lists about using img smart-load * Add : add Powered by Wordpress in footer credits * updated : German translation, thanks to Martin Bangermann * Fix: menu display element, cast element classes to array fixes #372 * Fix: Deep link to customizer menu panel in a control description fixes #244 * Fix: Deep link to the featured page control in the removable front end block fixes #246 * Fix: better handling of the simple-load event triggered on holders fixes #377

= 3.4.13 October 16th 2015 = * fix : better support for php versions < 5.4.0

= 3.4.12 October 16th 2015 = * added : performance help notice on front-end for posts/pages showing more than 2 images * updated : Italian Translation thanks to Giorgio Riccardi * fix: better support for Visual Composer, prevent conflicts with anchor links in visual composer elements * fix: better support for The Events Calendar, events list view fixes #353 * fix: better support for JetPack’s photon, load imgs from cdn updated Polish translation. Thanks to Krzysztof Busłowicz * fix : better retro compatibility for the customizer preview for WP version under 4.1 * fix: Select a submenu expansion option disappears #340 * fix: allow control deeplink in the customizer * fix: limit previous fix to ie9 and below * fix: slider-controls always visible in ie9- In such browsers the opacity+transition doesn’t really work fine, let’s make them always visible

= 3.4.11 September 30th 2015 = * added: new social link - email

= 3.4.10 September 29th 2015 = * added: new option, filter home/blog posts by categories * added : info box at the bottom of the slides table on how to add another slide * added : in customizer > Front Page > Slider, make some “sub” slider height options dependant on the actual user define slider height * updated: translation he_IL.po * fix: let sticky-footer detect the golden-ratio is applied to the grid * fix: exclude links wrapped in an underlined span from the eligible externals * fix: sticky-header: logo re-size on scrolling when needed fixes #314 * fix: avoid navbar-wrapper overlapping title/logo in mobiles when no site-description is shown for ww<767px

= 3.4.9 September 20th 2015 = * added: New feature - display a slider of recent posts on home * fix: RTL initial position of the small arrow in the accordion(JTS) * fix: broken update notice in edit attachment page fixes issue #248 * fix: display slider notice only on the demo slider fixes issue #251 * fix: Add back the Google Font img in the Customizer fixes issue #285 * fix: Woocommerce’s product tabs not showing if Smooth scroll on click enabled Fixes issue #258 * fix: Allow the expanded grid title to be translated with qtranslate * fix: include pages in search results when including cpt in post lists Fixes issue #280 * fix: expand last published sticky post in the grid * fix: disable link smoothscroll in woocommerce contexts See issue #258

= 3.4.8 August 24th 2015 = * fix : issue #242 : Effects common to regular menu and second horizontal menu where not visible when the regular menu was selected * fix: qTranslate-X compat code improved (issue : )

= 3.4.7 August 23rd 2015 = * update : translations files * fix : replace Customizr favicon by the WP 4.3 site icon. Handle the transition on front end and in the customizer for users already using the Customizr favicon. Retro compat : not applied if WP version < 4.3 + Check if function_exists(‘has_site_icon’) * fix : for control visibility bug since wp4.3 * add : a boolean filter to control the colophon back to top link * fix : properly remove box around navbar when no menu is set Bug reported here: * fix : do not update the post meta as soon as you enter the add post page

= 3.4.6 August 4th 2015 = * fixed : polylang compat code according to the new customizer settings * fixed : use original sizes (full) for logo and favicon attachments

= 3.4.5 July 31st 2015 = * fixed : various css issues for the vertical menu items

= 3.4.3 July 31st 2015 = * fixed : minor css adjustements for the menus * added : a dismissable help notice under the main regular menu, on front-end, for logged-in admin users (edit options cap)

= 3.4.2 July 30th 2015 = * fixed : expand on click not working for the secondary menu.

= 3.4.1 July 30th 2015 = * fix : a missing text domain for a translation string

= 3.4.0 July 28th 2015 = * added : new features for sliders : use a custom link, possibility to link the entire slide and to open the page in a new tab * added : new default sidenav menu * added : new optional secondary menu * added : new default page menu * added : new feature smoothscroll option in customize > Global Settings * added : new feature Sticky Footer in customize > Footer * added : a “sidebars” panel in the customizer including a social links section. (moved from global settings > Social links). Header and Footer social links checkboxes have been also moved into their respective panels. * added : a theme updated notice that can be dismissed. Automatically removed after 5 prints. * added : various optional front end help notices and placeholder blocks for first time users. * fix : avoid blocks reordering when they contain at least one iframe (avoid some reported plugin conflicts) * fix : video post format, show full content in alternate layout * fix : display slider-loading-gif only if js enabled * fix : display a separator after the heading in the page for posts (when not home) * fix : html5shiv is loaded only for ie9- * fix : dynamic sidebar reordering of the sidebar was not triggered since latest front js framework implementation improved : used of the tc-resize event for all resize related actions added : secondary menu items re-location for responsivereplaced : (js) ‘resize’ event by the custom ‘tc-resize’ * fix : anchors smooth scroll - exclude ultimate members anchor links * changed : customize transport of the header layout setting is now ‘refresh’ * improved : modernizr upgraded to the latest version * improved : customizer preview is refreshed faster

= 3.3.28 June 25th 2015 = * fix : re-introduce btt-arrow handling in new front js * fix : fix external link on multiple occurrences and exclude parents

= 3.3.27 June 19th 2015 = * fix : drop cap not working with composed words including the ‘-’ character * fix: allow img smartload in mobiles * fix: new emoji core script collision with svg tags => falls back to classic smileys if are loaded on the pages (by holder.js) * fix: do not add no-effect class to round-divs when center images on * fix: prevent hiding of selecter dropdown * fix: use original img sizes * fix: some ie8 fixes for the new front-js * fix : reset margin for sticky header was not using the right variable * fix : close tc-page-wrapper before wp_footer() to avoid issues with wp admin bar * fix: when unhooking tc_parse_imgs for nextgen compatibility use proper priority * fix: better rtl slide controls and swiping(js) * changed : replace load function by loadCzr() => load might be a reserved word * updated Hebrew translion for V 3.3.26 * updated translations for v 3.3.26 * updated Hebrew translations f v3.3.26 * added : split main front js into parts * added : js czrapp extendable object * added : sticky header as a sub class of Czr_Base * added : js event handlers for sidebar reordering actions * added : cleaner class inheritance framework for front end js * added : a div#tc-page-wrap including header, content and footer * added : oldBrowserCompat.js file including map + object.create * added : filter method to the Array.prototype for old browsers * added : a simple event manager set of methods in the front czrapp js

= 3.3.26 May 22nd 2015 = * fix : post-navigation regression introduced while merging rtl code

= 3.3.25 May 21st 2015 | Customizr is 2 y/o ! = * fix: better check whether print or not the widget placeholder script * added : option filter and better contx retro compat to default * updated : Swedish translation sv_SE.po

= 3.3.24 May 15th 2015 = * fix: store empty() function bool in a var to fix a PHP version compatibility issue * fix: use proper priority for tc_parse_imgs callback of the_content filter * fix: when deleting retina images don’t forget the original attachment’s retina version * fix: remove btt-arrow inline style, rule moved in the skin css * fix : fancybox in post images is 100% independant of fancybox in galleries * added : japanese translation (ja). Thanks to Toshiyuki Tsuchiya. * fix : remove smartload noscript tag * fix : theme switcher visibility issue on preview frame ready event * fix: properly filter get_the_content() for special post formats * fix : localized params assigned to wrong script handle in dev mode * fix : hide donate button ajax action not triggered * fix : change order of elements on RTL sites. using is_rtl() to determine the order of specific elements, instead of creating dedicated rules in CSSFIX : correcting the left/right css rules for RTL sited. Thanks to Yaacov Glezer. * added : less files updated with new rtl vars and conditional statements * improved : code handling RTL priority for colophon blocks * updated : Spanish es_ES translation. Thanks to Angel Calzado. * improved : donate customizer call to action visibility * improved : widget placeholder code

= 3.3.23 May 4th 2015 = * fix : don’t show slider in home when no home slider is set

= 3.3.22 May 3rd 2015 = * fix : revert private taxonomy not printed. Needs more tests.

= 3.3.21 April 29th 2015 = * fix : no post thumbnail option was not working for the post grid layout * added: support for the map method in the array prototype for old ie browsers -ie8 * Fix: use the correct post id when retrieving the grid layout * Improved : jquery.fancybox.js loaded separately when required * Updated : underscore to 1.8.3 * Added : helper methods to normalize the front scripts enqueuing args * Updated : name of front enqueue scripts / style callbacks * Fix: use amatic weight 400 instead of 700, workaround for missing question mark * Fix: remove reference to the tag, use site-description tag * Fix: display unknown archive types headings; use if/else statement when retrieving archive headings/classes immediatily return the archive class when asked for and achiFix: amend typo in the last commit * Fix: disable fade hover links for first level menu items in ie * Fix: add customize code and fix previous errors * Fix: add gallery options, remove useless rewrite of gallery code * Fix: scroll top when no dropdown menu sized to viewport and no back-to-top, don’t refer to not existing variable * Fix: consider both header borders and eventual margins when retrieving its height * Fix : RTL-ing Pre-Phase : setting the correct direction of arrows * Fix: disabling global tc_post_metas didn’t hide metas * Fix: cache and use cached common jquery elements * Fix: don’t print private taxonomies in post metas tags * Fix: display other grid options and jumb to the blog design options in customize * Add: sensei woothemes addon compatibility * improved : single options can now be filtered individually with tcopt{$option_name} * Add: optimizepress compatibility * Add: basic buddypress support (don’t show comments in buddypress pages) * Add: partial nextgen gallery compatibility * Add: tc-mainwrappers methods for plugin compatibilities * Updated: class-content-post_navigation.php * changed: method TC___::tc_unset_core_classes set to public * Correcting arrows on tranlated phrases

= 3.3.20 April 17th 2015 = * Fix: in the customizer display other grid options

= 3.3.19 April 13th 2015 = * fixed : Black Studio TinyMCE Plugin issue. Load TC_resource class when tinymce_css callback is fired from the customizer

= 3.3.18 April 11th 2015 = * added : support for polylang and qtranslate-x * improved : load only necessary classes depending on the context : admin / front / customize * changed : class-admin-customize.php and class-admin-meta_boxes.php now loaded from init.php. * updated site name

= 3.3.17 April 10th 2015 = * fix: reset navbar-inner padding-right when logo centered * fix: override bootstrap thumbnails left margin for woocommerce ones * added : helpers tc_is_plugin_active to avoid the inclusion of wp-admin/includes/plugin.php on front end * added : new class file dedicated to plugin compatibility class-fire-plugin_compat.php * updated : copyright dates

= 3.3.16 April 9th 2015 = * fixed : minor hotcrumble css margin bug fix * fixed : use the css class instead of h2 and remove duplicate * fixed : Few corrections in the Italian translation * fixed : allow customizr slider in the woocommerce shop page * fixed : collapsed customizer panel * fixed : gallery - handle the case “link to none” (was previously linked to the attachment page) * added : sidebar and footer widgets removable placeholders * added : better customizer options for comments. Allow more controls on comment display. Page comments are disabled by default. * added : customizer link to ratings * updated : he_IL.po Hebrew translation

= 3.3.15 March 30th 2015 = * updated : readme changelog

= 3.3.14 March 30th 2015 = * fixed : rtl customizer new widths and margins * fixed : use ‘===’ to compare with ‘0’. * fixed : fix logo ratio, apply only when no sticky-logo set * fixed : avoid plugin’s conflicts with the centering slides feature: replace the #customizr-slider’s ‘slide’ class with ‘customizr-slide’ * fixed : user defined comments setting for a single page in quick edit mode * fixed : pre_get_posts as action instead of filter * fixed : hook post-metas and headings early actions to wp_head instead of wp * fixed : minor css issues due to the larger width for the customizer controls * fixed : infinite loop issue with woocommerce compatibility function * added : tc-smart-loaded class for img loaded with smartloadjs * added : make grid font-size also dependant of the current layout * added : css classes filter in index : tc_article_container_class * added : grid customizer in pro * added : skin css class to body * added : disabled WooCommerce default breadcrumb * improved : better css grid icons * changed : themesandco to presscustomizr * updated : Swedish translation. Thanks to Tommy Wikström. * updated : genericons to v3.3 * changed : attachment in search results is now disabled by default * updated : layout css class added to body * changed : .tc-gc class is now attached to the .article-container element * changed : golden ratio can be overriden (follows the previous commit about this) * changed : tcf ( ‘ID’ ) replaced by TC_utils::tc_id() * changed : tcf( ‘screen_layout’ ) replaced by TC_utils::tc_get_layout( ) * changed : css classes filter ‘tc_main_wrapper_classes’ and ‘tc_column_content_wrapper_classes’ now handled as array * improved : grid thumb golden ratio can be overriden * updated : disable live icon rendering in post list titles if grid customizer on * improved : customizer control panel width * changed : grid controls priorities * changed : class .tc-grid-excerpt-content to .tc-g-cont * improved : larger customizer zone + some titles styling * improved : get the theme name from TC___::$theme_name in system infos * changed : split the edit link callback. Separate the view and the boolean check into 2 new public methods * changed : some priority changes in the customizer controls * improved : grid font sizes now uses ratios

= 3.3.13 March 18th 2015 = * fixed : potential ‘division by zero’ issue with the grid layout if users applies a custom layout Initially reported here : * added : customizer previewer filter for custom skins * improved : various js code improvement for scrolling actions * improved : allow user to use their custom date format (defined in settings > general) for post metas date * improved : menu caret alignment * added : tc_carousel_inner_classes with .center-slides-enabled when option is checked by user * fixed : tc_set_grid_hooks are fired in ‘wp_head’ => ‘wp’ was too early * added : user can set a custom logo alt attr with the filter ‘tc_logo_alt’ * fixed : missing global wp_query declaration * updated : screenshot and demo slide#1 * added : user can specify a custom meta date format with filter ‘tc_meta_date_format’ * changed : navbar not boxed by default anymore for users starting with v3.3.13 * improved : translated few strings in Italian thanks to * fixed : CenterImages js avoid using ir8 ‘class’ reserved words * fixed : social icon unwanted underline text-decoration on hover * added : a use_default boolean param to TC_utils::tc_opt() * improved : slider php class better code structure * improved : js smoothscroll disabled if #anchor element doesn’t exist. * added : new filter ‘tc_title_text’ for easier and safer pre processing before tc_the_title => avoid filter priority potential issues * added : new option to set the max length of post titles (in # of words) in grid * fixed : firefox and old browsers compatibility issue with the .tc-grid-fade_expt background * added : cta button in customizer footer section * improved : jqueryextLinks : if link not eligible, then remove any remaining icon element and return //important => the element to remove is right after the current link element ( => use of ‘+’ CSS operator ) * added : Galician Spanish translation. Thanks to Ruben * added : custom skins customizer preview hack * added : custom skins grunt code

= 3.3.12 March 9th 2015 = * fixed : smooth scroll new excluded selectors not properly set

= 3.3.11 March 9th 2015 = * fix : tc_set_post_list_hooks hooked on wp_head. wp was too early => fixes bbpress compatibility * improved : tc_user_options_style filter now declared in the classes constructor * fix : bbpress issue with single user profiles not showing up ( initially reported here : )

= 3.3.10 March 9th 2015 = * fixed : better insertion of font icons and custom css in the custom inline stylesheet * fixed : bbpress conflict with the post grid

= 3.3.9 March 9th 2015 = * fixed : the_content and the_excerpt WP filters missing in post list content model * fixed : smart load issue when .hentry class is missing (in WooCommerce search results for example) * added : has-thumb class to the grid > figure element * added : make the expanded class optional with a filter : tc_grid_add_expanded_class * added : fade background effect for the excerpt in the no-thumbs grid blocks * fixes : adjustments for the grid customizer * changed : TC_post_list_grid::tc_is_grid_enabled shifted from private to public * improved : jqueryextLinks.js check if the tc-external element already exists before appending it * fixed : .tc-grid-icon:before better centering

= 3.3.8 March 4th 2015 = * Fix slider img centering bug

= 3.3.7 March 4th 2015 = * Fix: array dereferencing fix for PHP<5.4.0 * Fix: typos in webkit transition/transform properties

= 3.3.6 March 2nd 2015 = * fix a potential bug in the thumbnail types

= 3.3.5 February 28th 2015 = * improved : trigger simple_load event (=> fire centering) on relevant img if smartload disabled

= 3.3.4 February 28th 2015 = * fix : ignore tc_sliders option on contx check

= 3.3.3 February 28th 2015 = * improved hover transition for expanded grid post * added a note about the grid column forced for specific sidebar(s) layout * fix minor bubble comment css issues * added js custom smartload event to trigger image centerering

= 3.3.2 February 28th 2015 = * added : TC_::tc_doing_customizer_ajax() * added contx retro compat * replaced TC_utils::tc_is_customizing() by TC_::tc_is_customizing() * updated : tcf( ‘get_option’ ) replaced by TC_utils::$inst->tc_opt() method TC_utils::tc_get_option() replaced by TC_utils::tc_opt() added grid design option as a specific set to be revealed on click * improved : featured pages thumbnails server side code * improved : post and page thumbnails id are now stored in a post meta field * Fix: amend conflicting actions when dropdowntoViewport false and link to an anchor clicked. Perform those actions just when clicking on the menu button (responsive modeFixed in drop cap : skip tags or selectors and parents of those * improved : better structure for the code in thumbnails, post and post list * added : new post metas design option in customizer * improved : re-engineering of the post metas class with a cleaner model / view structure * added : tc-post-list-context class to body when relevant * Improved : cleaner post metas callback, adapted for the grid layout * improved : display metas for post format with no titles (links for example) * fixed : font icons genericons and entypo are now written in the wp admin editor iframe head * Fix: hide/don’t show social icons in footer when option unchecked * Added : new comment bubbles * changed tc_bubble_comment and tc_content_header_class now handled in TC_comment class * updated : comment bubble callback moved in class-content-comments.php * added : apply a dynamic js golden ratio for figure height / width on load + resize * improved the _build_setId, fix the featured pages controls visibility in customizer * improved : possible user defined tags, classes and ids to skip in js external links skip img tags and btn classes by default * Fix quotes issue for web safe fonts inline css * improved ext links options. Now handled with a separate jQuery plugin

= 3.3.1 February 16th 2015 = * added : pro parameter to the version check * updated : menu open on hover by default if user started after v3.1+ * improved : better sanitization cb for custom css typos in website performance options description texts * fix : typos in website performance options description texts

= 3.3.0 February 15th 2015 = * Fix: dropcap skips also ul,ol tags * Updated : dropcaps are disabled by default in pages and posts * Added smart img load script * Added new option “Website Performance” in a new section Advanced Settings > Performances * Added lang zh_TW. Thanks to * Changed : tc_menu_item_style_first_letter set to false for new users * Updated thai and hebrew lang * Improved : increased headings line height for accessibility (font-size x 1.25) * Fix infinite loop potential issue on resize * Updated theme doc link * Moved date functions in TC_utils and added : check on date format validity * Fix: better check on when changing default slider’s height * Fix: set sticky offsets after resizing logo * Fix: fp-button display nothing if empty * Fix: logo image stretched when sticky header enabled, handled for both logos (normal and sticky) in js. * Fix: tagline navbar-wrapper. Navbar h2 => use .site-description instead of H2 and split the CSS rule in two parts * Fix: add clear:both to boostrap .nav-collapse fix the misplacing .nav-collapse when no socials are displayed in * Fix: re-add comment near the closing brace for compatibility function * Fix: new filter tc_the_title, apply filters to the_title in Customizr contexts strictly * Fix: handle mobile menu display in tc_common (tc_custom) * Fix: add body class sticky-disabled, with php, by default when sticky header selected * Fix: tc_has_update() catch exceptions use bool false if no updates * updated stylesheets * Improved : skip tc_common.css when scan the skins folder * Added : tc_common.css * Fix: in post metas don’t call tc_has_update() when not needed

= 3.2.17 January 27th 2015 = * removed : console.log() in addDropCap script

= 3.2.16 January 27th 2015 = * d1207b1 updated : list of selectors to skip when applying drop caps * 6512345 changed : external links icon and new tab (_target = blank) are disabled by default * 6d0f725 Fix drop cap feature : html tags are not striped out anymore. Instead, the dropcap plugin search the first * h0145a45 add : front javascript underscore.js dependency ~+5.5kb * 57a7a6f Fix: handle boolean types in default options * bb355ec Imp: handle .tc-no-title-logo in css (instead of js), when sticky header is enabled, * 95b3e6f Fix: force hiding tc-reset-margin-top when no sticky header (css way)

= 3.2.15 January 23rd 2015 = * Fix: don’t re-add edit link button for tribe-events events

= 3.2.13 January 22nd 2015 = * c583b19 Fix warning when attempting to load Google font in the admin editor

= 3.2.12 January 22nd 2015 = * cbe6780 Update : theme description

= 3.2.11 January 21st 2015 = * 7df1282 update : translation files * cbd0c0c New theme description * 24e1ae3 add missing icon parameter to wp_get_attachment_image() * 2719d65 Apply a drop cap to paragraphs including at least 50 words by default The min number of words can be cu * 05fc1ae Fix: .tc-open-on click submenus typo * 19336e0 New drop cap options for paragraphs in post / page content * 04a56cd New option added in Global settings > Authors, to display the author’s infos box after post content * 9f43181 changed hook : ‘tc_hide_front_page_title’ to ‘tc_display_customizr_headings’ by default don’t display t * 4a57b7d sticky header : additional refresh on scroll top for some edge cases like big logos * 483178d Merge branch ‘eri-trabiccolo-tribe-events’ into dev * 5b6c8f8 Fix: check if wp_query var exists otherwise a notice will be displayed (plug-in not running) when WP_DE * fafc579 Better customizer settings organization : Logo, favicon, site title and tagline have been moved to global settings * 4afdbfc added a title for the global post lists settings * 75efa6a post metas customizer control. The recent update notice after post titles is now a separate subsection * 0416b16 Fix a rtl issue for the slider control arrows * b106e02 Fix some rtl issues in the customizer * 1caa268 Add The Event Calendar plugin compatibility : fixes an issue with the titles. * 3ff11e2 style of the first letter menu items made optional * 69ec886 fix the issue with the front js params when scripts are not concatenated * 61f1439 missing ‘%’ escape when sprintf tc-thumb inline style * 086b923 handle the new css classes filter with implode() * 2962a2d options for external links style and target is only applied to external links => url must be different * d54f73c Fix issue with tc_post_list_thumb_height : check if exist in options * f5111ca better customizer js part files structure * dc8b0a1 post content links : add 2 new options activated by default, except for users already using a previous * ed5c490 better front js file organization * 75938ad Better way to check the user start version of the theme * 4dda608 add user defined fonts to the admin editor * 04d4505 Fix donate and cta in subpanel * 994abc7 remove useless string var for “Recent update” in title * b697085 Add a fallback value to tc_user_started_before_version * 34d4bcb Fix: retrieve correct ID in posts page * b584148 Fix: fix typos and missing matching visibility condition * a57ec96 Fix tc_check_filetype: we want just the basename * 9604be2 Fix logo print: don’t use wrong attachment’s height & width * 5149c3d Add new filters for fp and footer widget areas * 1c30809 Fix: dropdown menu on click * b349192 Fix: make slides centering compatible with ‘link the whole slide’ snippet

= 3.2.10 December 23rd 2014 = * f404eda Add a fallback false value to tc_user_started_before_version() * 1577dfb Add Google fonts to the theme description * 349ee57 Merge branch ‘eri-trabiccolo-fix_tccta-in-subpanel’ into dev |
| * 72d22a6 Merge branch ‘fix_tccta-in-subpanel’ of| |
|/ / | * be4b067 Fix: ‘hide’ tc-cta when in sub-panel * | 7414a5e Fix the double title bug add backward compatibility with wp_title() |/

= 3.2.9 December 22nd 2014 = * 4602677 add more single fonts check on g prefix to determine if google font * 76282b8 Customizer : Add Google logo in fonts title * b1d9a66 add call to actions in the customizer * 3e3d7d6 separate controls and call to action scripts in the customizer * 9316c01 add underscore dependency to js control * f0be9ee adapt admin pages if pro context * 2d712e2 use of a timer instead of attaching handler directly to the window scroll event @uses TCParams.timerOnScrollAllBrowsers : boolean set to true by default * b01a1fc translation updates * 95785d7 check if php version supports DateTime ( must be >= 5.2 ) Bug initially reported here :* 90cee9a fix hard coded link issue * 3a95a23 Merge branch ‘eri-trabiccolo-multitier-menu’ into dev |
| * 87ab91a remove the expand submenus for tablets in landscape mode ( selector : .tc-is-mobile .navbar .nav li > ul ul ) | * d326123 fix the issue for parent with depth > 0 for tablets in landscape mode In a context like : Parent0 > Parent1 > child, clicking on Parent0 now opens Parent1 C| * 4f2d376 added a $ prefix to jQuery vars | |
| | * 7df8265 Fix dropdown on click for multitier menus * | | cd6eb04 fix post formats metas hook order issues add an “open” link to post after the metas of post formats with no headings when displayed in a list * | | f5e7614 fix a notice with bbpress tags view : make sure that get_the_ID() is not false before adding the edit link in heading |/ / * | ffa1635 minor fixes on the new font picker feature * | b85d547 Merge branch ‘googlefonts’ into dev |\
| * | 829fa5c google fonts enqueued on front end + generated custom CSS code | * | 9ac6d21 remove the uselesss group parameter in the toStyle function | * | 00437b5 change tc_get_font_lists to tc_get_font() with 2 parameters list / single and name or code | * | 431dbcd added properties : font_selectors, font_pairs | * | eaca195 add filters ‘tc_gfont_pairs’ and ‘tc_wsfont_pairs’ | * | b1f1779 set the the default font depending on the user start theme version | * | 3463729 Fix google font weight issues Reorder the font pairs | * | ab8f4d9 property db_options is instanciated with the raw db option array new transient : started_using_customizr => used to stored the theme version number when t| * | 09de2fa added a static property to TC_init : tc_option_group (default is tc_theme_options) | * | 618007d customizer font setup : admin control + preview php, js, css devs | * | f21c58a the font pairs are localized to preview with TCPreviewParams.fontPairs | * | 42cbe54 added font list as a TC_init property | |/ * | cff5dd3 Fix $logos_img instanciation bug in class TC_header_main#148 |/ * f806c18 pages with comments : enable the comment bubble after the title in headings * 57ac308 admin css : change help buttons and icon to the new set of colors : #27CDA5 #1B8D71 * 786bbbc expand submenus for tablets in landscape mode * d4bc5eb add a tc-is-mobile class to the body tag if wp_is_mobile() * d3bb703 Fix the skin dropdown not closing when clicking outside the dropdown * 094e0b2 Changed author URL to * c6611bb Merge branch ‘eri-trabiccolo-android-menu’ into dev |
| * 7b08e52 Merge branch ‘android-menu’ of into eri-trabiccolo-android-menu | |
|/ / | * d94fff6 Fix collapsed menu on android devices * | 605a462 Merge branch ‘eri-trabiccolo-fp-edit-link’ into dev |\
| * \ eb6e05c Merge branch ‘fp-edit-link’ of into eri-trabiccolo-fp-edit-link | |\
|/ / / | * | 63c6aa0 Featured Pages: fix edit link | |/ * | 8e24584 Merge branch ‘eri-trabiccolo-parent-menu-item’ into dev |\
| * \ 0205df3 Merge branch ‘parent-menu-item’ of into eri-trabiccolo-parent-menu-item | |\
|/ / / | * | 0ccdc04 Fix: add href(=#) attribute to menu parent item which doesn’t have it * | | 708b7b1 Merge branch ‘eri-trabiccolo-hammer-issue’ into dev |\ \
| * \ \ 81aaa17 Merge branch ‘hammer-issue’ of into eri-trabiccolo-hammer-issue | |\ \
|/ / / / | * | | 01bca14 Fix click on slide’s call to action buttons in mobile devs | | |/ | |/| * | | bc5f118 minor changes to dev on the sticky logo * | | cb77df3 add the title and notice to TC_Customize_Upload_Control * | | 7b31410 Merge branch ‘eri-trabiccolo-dev’ into dev |\ \
| * \ \ 30aeb72 Merge branch ‘dev’ of into eri-trabiccolo-dev | |\ \
|/ / / / | * | | 937dc04 Add sticky logo option: a different logo when sticky header enabled * | | | d0671a7 donate message strings are now translation ready and passed as js parameters * | | | 4c1eebb add theme_name as a static property of TC___ check if theme is customizr-pro before instanciating init-pro.php * | | | 8c6f3db fix footer customizer addon issues * | | | 62bce18 add the title rendering for some control types * | | | d3bc218 add the footer-customizer as an addon in init-pro * | | | dd24119 remove the ftp_push skin task on prod build (too long and useless) * | | | 07f04ab instanciates only for the following classes ‘TC_activation_key’ && ‘TC_theme_check_updates’ * | | | fd70517 add TC_init_pro class in inc/init-pro.php. Not part of the free version * | | | c997f65 setup the pro build in a parent folder * | | | 11affc1 remove the patches/ folder on build * | | | 94200f6 separate free and pro builds * | | | 85ebbb6 require init-pro file in pro context | |/ / |/| | * | | 4311c40 add a tc_is_customizing method and a pro conditional class instanciation * | | 0c0e46a customizer controls : update jquery plugins path * | | 48891bb fix the $default_title_length hard coded value * | | 058993f icheck control : added the flat grey skin * | | 70cbf61 French translation update | |/ |/| * | f1ebe3d fix the hide donate button not hiding. The tc_hide_donate method had been removed from TC_customize. * | bc4526b updated cs_CZ, thanks to Martin Filák * | 2cd88b2 Merge branch ‘czech-lang-update’ into dev |\
| * | 849c53b updated cs_CZ translation | * | 8704dd0 Merge branch ‘master’ of into czech-lang-update | |\
| | |/ | |/| | | * 8547045 Updated czech translation Translated new strings added in newer template versions Corrected some bad translations * | | be57dea updated lang files |/ / * | b03f80f Merge branch ‘fix-reordering-bug’ into dev |\
| * | f3e6700 fix the block reordering issue with Rocco’s patch => cache the reordering status in a var and checking the status before doing anything | |/ * | 08fc163 added a patches folder (ignored by git) |/

= 3.2.8 November 24th 2014 = * a4c6ad2 date_diff bug fix. TC_utils::tc_date_diff uses date_diff and falls back to new class TC_DateInterval if php version < 5.3.0

= 3.2.7 November 23rd 2014 = * 936abcb Set update notice default to true and 10 days interval * d242b79 Fix archive title bug. A unique dynamic filter is used now to render the heading html in single or archive contexts : “tcheadings{$_heading_type}_html”

= 3.2.6 November 23rd 2014 = * 936abcb Set update notice default to true and 10 days interval * d242b79 Fix archive title bug. A unique dynamic filter is used now to render the heading html in single or archive a3cfea7 v3.2.6 built and tested * 1247841 when live previewing skin, add a new link for the live stylesheet instead of replacing the actual skin link => avoid the flash of unstyle content during the skin load * 88be803 Add style option for the update status notice next to the title * 9353cb7 added filter to display metas and update notice based on post type ‘tc_show_metas_for_post_types’ ‘tc_post_metas_update_notice_in_title’ * 805dc78 fix comment bubbles in all post types. Now check post type is in the eligible post type list : default = array(‘post’). The post list can be modified with a new filter hook named : ‘tc_show_comment_bubbles_for_post_types * bc3aca5 add a todo note in gruntfile.js * b5e3e93 update exclude folders / files from build and .gitignore * a0db200 updated number of lang to 24 (+1 with Korean) * dd83aec tc_menu_resp_dropdown_limit_to_viewport option set to false by default * a442b41 slider lead text not hidden anymore for small devices viewports * 3e286fb slider controls revealed on hover with a fade effect. Uses jQuery hover() addClass * e62cead add the template folder as localized param in preview context => used to build the dynamic skin urls * ffdea2d updated korean lang (following pull request from to * 0afec6f korean lang merge * 5fc6220 Merge branch ‘add-korean-lang’ into korean-merge-test |
| * bad820f Merge pull request #14 from MMKP/master | |
| | * 156cd17 Korean(WIP) | | * f4d6bdf Create ko_KR.po | |/ * | 07f1a18 No inset shadow for the selected skin * | 30256a0 added select2.min.js in theme-customizer-control.js concatenated script select2.min.css is loaded separetely => not included in control style sheet * | 38d1720 updated skin order in customizer * | 6386e81 added : live skin preview and select with select2.js jQuery plugin * | d63dee2 added uglify file on demand * | 67369af remove the update_git_branch_in_readme in watch => fix infinite loop refresh bug * | 5dcb2e9 Fix post metas elements inconsitencies (when option is author alone for example) * | 3201223 Delete customizr/ folder in build/ when customizr_dev task is fired => avoid mistakes when editing files. * | 1e35baf fixed width of thumbnail with rectangular shape => width must be 100% * | d8dc880 updated grunt task replace in readme triggered on each watch grunt task => always up to date for Travis build pass status link * | 24c16a7 updated user defined inline css is now handled with callback on ‘tc_user_options_style’ hook * | 7169b48 Merge branch ‘custom-comment-bubble’ into dev |\
| * | b23594f added comment bubble options and stylings | * | 4c669cb Added new option in the customizer + filter on tc_bubble_comment * | | 4b7a583 exclude bin folder * | | f11df30 add grunt badge * | | 0bcf1b3 updated copy grunt task * | | f1bbbfa add grunt travis task * | | f01b940 fix issues with WordPress coding standard rules custom page * | | 14a9f3b test php syntax error |/ / * | 9fd56c2 updated gitignore with travis-example folder * | 5d5b9d4 removed tc_archives_headings and tc_content_headings replaced by tc_headings_view * | 6b08e0f updated : filters tc_content_header_class and tc_archive_header_class are now handled as array of classes with implode(); * | 098135f Merge branch ‘fix-subtitle-bug’ into dev |\
| * | 7df37fa Fixed : headings are now handled by filtering the_title => fixes the subtitle plugins issue * | | 0e2a247 travis updated |/ / * | 1aaea26 Fix WP coding standard issues * | 0af06c2 updated gitignore with wpcs * | 178cf9e updated travis added echoes * | 8ae0616 changed path to bootstrap * | 602b009 new bootstrap for wp-php-unit * | e051557 Travis _s config test * | 876c2ac added travis phpunit test first test * | 158bf8c added gitinfo => automatic update of the branch url parameter for Travis ci build * | 269c001 added travis task updated gruntfile credentials are get from .ftpauth only if the context option passed == travis * | eb1142b fixed .travis.yml * | 833e160 added travis build * | b4bc3b5 updated version number * | 59f56b5 updated GNU GPL link * | e3d61c4 fixed layout issues * | 75f77dd updated : grunt setup, add a note about .ftpauth * | 73e2960 Added : all changelog dates * | a0540bb updated : now includes the Grunt setup (deleted from the gruntfile.js) * | 4a6cec0 updated grunt : task registering is more “dry” * | cd31224 Merge branch ‘fix-fp-holder’ into dev |\
| * | 0fb6b85 updated holder.js to version v2.4.1. => fixes the featured pages holder image bug * | | 9658751 updated : always load holder minified * | | 66ffb37 updated holder.js to version v2.4.1. => fixes the featured pages holder image bug |/ / * | 3037f8f added : post metas options. Last update date and customizable notice in title. * | cc798fb updated metas settings conditional display * | e444982 updated stepper style overrides default WP number input css * | b0206ff added customizer settings to select the metas : taxonomies, date, author * | 7c21a51 updated customizer style : smaller titles |/ * 3826c72 Merge branch ‘grunt-versionning’ into dev |
| * abcb0da added grunt automatic versionning with replace package * | 42682f4 updated version to 3.2.6 |/ * 85063c7 added grunt build workflow : clean => copy => compress * 32e3bdb added grunt translation tasks * 46bb285 Merge branch ‘grunt-tasks-organization’ into dev |
| * cc7dc38 added each grunt task split by files. Uses load-grunt-config npm package. * | 2140786 added each grunt task split by files. Uses load-grunt-config npm package. |/ * 1897c5d added in gruntfile.js : paths global var

= 3.2.5 November 15th 2014 = * added (lang) Thai language (th), thanks to Wee Sritippho * updated (lang) French translation * improved (grunt) skin generation * updated (css) rtl skins * updated (css) set outline : none for Fixes a visual bug reported on Firefox.

= 3.2.4 November 13th 2014 = * added customizer : new header z-index option * fixed Logo centered link bug fix. Added a clear both property to .navbar-wrapper * fixed menu on tablets landscape, if menu was set to “open on hover”, submenus could not be revealed. Fixed by forcing the click behaviour if wp_is_mobile() * improved front scripts concatenation boolean filter : ‘tc_load_concatenated_front_scripts’ default to true. js files can be loaded loaded separetely in dev mode Load bootstrap param not used anymore * improved customizer sections for wp<4.0 : set conditional priorities ( based on is_wp_version_before_4_0) to reoder the section more consistently skin, header, content, footer.... * fixed Customizer frozen bug. case default control : falls back to no input attr if wp version < 4.0 because input_attrs() was introduced in 4.0 * improved customizer panels : remove useless check if wp version >= 4.0 new private property : is_wp_version_before_4_0 * added Grunt : dev mode, customizer control script is a concatenation of libraries and _control.js * added Grunt : in dev mode, tc-scripts is a concatenation of main.js + params-dev-mode.js + fancybox + bootstrap * added Livereload script loaded on dev mode TC_DEV constant is true added in customize_controls_print_scripts when customizing and in wp_head when live * added Grunt : ftp push enabled for all files Grunt : tc-scripts.min.js concatenates params-dev-mode.js, bootstrap.js, jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.min.js, tc-scripts.js Grunt : tc-script.js jshint @to finish * fixed menu : ‘tc-submenu-fade’ is applied if option ‘tc_menu_submenu_fade_effect’ is true AND ! wp_is_mobile() * fixed TCparams (localized params) was not defined as a js var * updated lang : pl_PL, thanks to Marcin Paweł Sadowski * updated lang : de_DE , thanks to Martin Bangemann

= 3.2.3 November 5th 2014 = * fixed (php, class-header-header_main.php) remove space after filter declaration for tc_tagline_text * added (php, class-content-post_list.php) new boolean filter tc_show_post_in_post_list + condition on $post global variable * added (php, class-fire-admin_page.php) New action hooks__system_config_before, system_config_after * fixed (php, class-content-featured_pages.php, class-content-post_thumbnails.php, class-header-header_main.php) JetPack photon bug fixed on the wp_get_attachment_image_src() return value array * changed (php, class-header-header_main.php) New method : tc_prepare_logo_title_display() hooked on ‘header’ in place of tc_logo_title_display(), fires 2 new methods tc_logo_view() and tc_title_view() * fixed (php, class-header-header_main.php) in tc_prepare_logo_title_display() the logo filetype is now checked with a custom function TC_utils::tc_check_filetype(), instead of wp_check_filetype(). This new method checks the filetype on the whole string instead of at the very end of it => fixes the JetPack photon bug for logo * added (php, class-fire-utils) tc_check_filetype() method * added (php, class-content-post_thumbnails.php) new filter named tc_thumbnail_link_class => array of css classes * removed (php, class-content-post_thumbnails.php) ‘tc_no_round_thumb’ filter, now handled by the ‘tc_thumbnail_link_class’ filter * added (php, class-content-post_thumbnails.php) new filter ‘tc_post_thumbnail_img_attributes’ * improved (php, class-content-post_thumbnails.php ) better handling of dynamic inline style for thumbnails img with height || width < to default thumbnails dimensions * improved (php) get_the_title() has been replaced by esc_attr( strip_tags( get_the_title() ) ) when used as title attribute * improved (css) set a high z-index (10000) to * improved (js, tc-script.js) localized params (TCParams) falls back to a default object if they are not loaded (=> typically happens whith a misconfigured cache plugin with combined js files) * improved (css,php:class-fire-resources.php) font icons have been extracted from the skin stylesheet and are now inlining early in head. New filters : ‘tc_font_icon_priority’ (default = 0 ), tc_font_icons_path (default : TC_BASE_URL . ‘inc/assets/css’), ‘tc_inline_font_icons’ (default = html string of the inline style) * improved (js, php:class-fire-resources.php) when debug mode enabled : tc-script.js is loaded not minified. Boostrap is loaded separately and not minified * added (js:bootstrap.js, php:class-fire-utils_settings_map.php,class-fire-resources.php) new checkbox option in the customizer ‘tc_menu_resp_dropdown_limit_to_viewport’.In responsive mode, users can now choose whether the dropdown menu has to be fully deployed or limited to the viewport’s height. * updated (lang) nl_NL : thanks to Joris Dutmer * added (php:class-fire-utils_settings_map.php) New checkbox option in the customizer ‘tc_sticky_transparent_on_scroll’ => allow user to disable the semi-transparency of the sticky header on scroll. Default => Enabled (true) * added (php:class-content-comments.php) New filter ‘tc_list_comments_args’. Default value = array( ‘callback’ => array ( $this , ‘tc_comment_callback’ ) , ‘style’ => ‘ul’ ) * added (php:class-fire-init.php) Added add_theme_support( ‘title-tag’ ) recommended way for themes to display titles as of WP4.1. source : * fixed (css) Bug : since v3.2.1 upgrade, left sidebar was not displayed under 980px * fixed (lang, php:class-content-comments.php) plural translation string wrapped in _n() where not translated * improved (js) In customizing mode, jQuery plugins icheck, stepper, selecter are loaded only when necessary. For example : ‘function’ != typeof(jQuery.fn.stepper) => avoir double loading if a plugin already uses this $ module. * improved (js, theme-customizr-control.js) icheck : init only if necessary ( 0 == $(this).closest(‘div[class^=“icheckbox”]’).length )=> beacause it can have been already initiated by a plugin. * improved (css, class-fire-admin_init.php) admincss handle for enqueuing has been prefixed with tc-, like all other resources of the theme * improved (css, tc_admin.css) Now minified * fixed (php, class-fire-utils.php) bbPress compatibility issue. Was generating a notice bbp_setup_current_user was called incorrectly. The current user is being initialized without using $wp->init(). This was due to the tc_get_default_options(), using is_user_logged_in(), called too early. Now hooked in “after_setup_theme” and compatible with bbPress * updated (lang) es_ES : thanks to María Digo * improved (js, tc-script.js) Smooth Scrolling option : to avoid potential conflicts with plugins using the ‘click’ event on anchor’s links, the scope of targeted links has been limited to the the #content wrapper : $(‘a[href^=“#”]’, ‘#content’) * fixed (css) Back to top arrow : Better backgroundstyle for ie9+ * fixed (css) ie9- Support : fixed tagline displayed twice issue * fixed (css) .social-block is displayed and centered for @media (max-width: 320px) * updated(css) blue3.css is now the default skin, color #27CDA5 * fixed (php, class-fire-init.php) Better handling of the retina mode. the original file is now generated in high definition @x2 * updated : the default slider images have been re-designed and their @x2 version (for high definitation devices) has been added in inc/assets/img * updated : screenshot of the theme

= 3.2.2 October 30th 2014 = * fixed (js, tc-script.js) the ‘touchstart’ event don’t trigger the responsive menu toggle anymore => was generating a major bug on responsive devices reported here :, and here : * added (php, class-fire-admin_page.php) New hooks in admin : ‘before_welcome_panel’ ‘after_welcome_panel * added (php) new class TC_admin_page handling the welcome panel including the changelog and user system infos * updated (lang) ru_RU : thanks to Evgeny Sudakov * updated (lang) es_ES : thanks to María Digo * updated (lang) zh_CN : thanks to Luckie Joy * updated (lang) hu_HU : thanks to Ferencz Székely * updated (lang) ca_ES : thanks to Jaume Albaigès * updated (lang) sk_SK : thanks to Tomáš Lojek * updated (lang) de_DE : thanks to Bernd Troba

= 3.2.1 October 20th 2014 = * fixed (css) Featured pages recentering for max-width 979px * fixed (css) Sticky header menu background * improved (js, tc-scripts.js) Scroll event timer only for ie

= 3.2.0 October 20th 2014 = * added (php, class-content-slider.php) New action hooked : __after_carousel_inner. Used to render the slider controls. * added (js) slider swipe support with hammer.js. Controls not renderd for mobile devices. * fixed (php, class-content-comments.php, comments.php) Comment title was not included in the translation strings (out of the poedit source paths). New filter on comment_form_defaults filter * added (css, php : class-fire-init.php) css : class ‘is-customizing’ is added to the body tag in a customization context * changed (css) transition: width 0.2s ease-in-out, left 0.25s ease-in-out, right 0.25s ease-in-out; is only applied in a customization context. * changed : (php, class-header-header_main.php) tc_logo_class filter is now handled as an array of css classes instead of a string : implode( “ “, apply_filters( ‘tc_logo_class’, array( ‘brand’, ‘span3’) ) ) * added : (php, class-fire-utils.php, class-header-header_main.php) Navbar new customizer option tc_header_layout * added : (php, class-fire-utils.php, class-header-header_main.php) Navbar new customizer option tc_display_boxed_navbar * added : (php, class-fire-utils.php, class-header-header_main.php) Tagline ew customizer option tc_show_tagline * added : (php, class-fire-utils.php, class-content-post4 4141.p14hp) Single post view : new filter tc_single_post_thumbnail_view * added : (php, class-content-post_thumbnail.php) new class dedicated to the thumbnail view and control : TC_post_thumbnails * changed : (php, class-content-post_thumbnails.php) thumbnails : filter name tc_post_list_thumbnail changed to tc_display_post_thumbnail. tc_get_post_list_thumbnail changed to tc_get_thumbnail_data * added : (php, class-fire-utils.php, class-content-post.php) Thumbnails : new option in the customizer tc_single_post_show_thumb * added : (php, class-content-post_list.php) New filter : tc_attachment_as_thumb_query_args. * added : (php, class-fire-utils.php, class-content-post_list.php) Thumbnails : new option in the customizer tc_post_list_show_thumb, tc_post_list_use_attachment_as_thumb, tc_post_list_thumb_shape, tc_post_list_thumb_height, tc_post_list_thumb_position, tc_post_list_thumb_alternate * added : (php, class-fire-utils.php, class-content-footer_main.php) Back to top link : new option in the customizer tc_show_back_to_top * added : (php, class-fire-utils.php, class-fire-init.php ) Links : new option in the customizer tc_link_hover_effect. * added : (php, class-content-post_list.php) New filter : tc_thumb_size_name. Default value : ‘tc-thumb’ * added : (php, class-fire-utils_settings_map.php) Creation of class-fire-utils_settings_map.php for the customizer settings. Instanciated before TC_utils(). * added : (php, class-content-post_metas.php, class-fire-utils.php ) Post metas : 3 new options in the customizer : tc_show_post_metas_home, tc_show_post_metas_single_post, tc_show_post_metas_post_lists. View implemented with a new callback : add_action( ‘template_redirect’, array( $this , ‘tc_set_post_metas’ )); * added : (php, class-content-headings.php, class-fire-utils.php ) Icons in title : new options in the customizer : tc_show_page_title_icon, tc_show_post_title_icon, tc_show_archive_title_icon, tc_show_post_list_title_icon, tc_show_sidebar_widget_icon, tc_show_footer_widget_icon. View implemented with 2 new callbacks : add_filter ( ‘tc_content_title_icon’ , array( $this , ‘tc_set_post_page_icon’ )), add_filter ( ‘tc_archive_icon’, array( $this , ‘tc_set_archive_icon’ )) * added : (php, class-content-breadcrumb.php, class-fire-utils.php ) Breadcrumb : 4 new optionw in the customizer : tc_show_breadcrumb_home, tc_show_breadcrumb_in_pages, tc_show_breadcrumb_in_single_posts, tc_show_breadcrumb_in_post_lists. Implemented with a new filter and callback : add_filter( ‘tc_show_breadcrumb_in_context’ , array( $this , ‘tc_set_breadcrumb_display_in_context’ ) ) * added : (lang) Hebrew (he_IL) translation added. Thanks to Yaacov Glezer. * updated : (lang) Russian translation, thanks to Evgeny. * added : (php, class-c

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