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A Django plugin for pytest.

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Welcome to pytest-django!

pytest-django allows you to test your Django project/applications with the pytest testing tool <>_.

  • Quick start / tutorial <>_

  • Changelog <>_

  • Full documentation:

  • Contribution docs <>_

  • Version compatibility:

    • Django: 1.7-1.10 and latest master branch (compatible at the time of each release)
    • Python: CPython 2.7,3.3-3.5 or PyPy 2,3
    • pytest: >2.9.x
  • Licence: BSD

  • Project maintainers: Andreas Pelme, Floris Bruynooghe and Daniel Hahler

  • All contributors <>_

  • Github repository:

  • Issue tracker <>_

  • Python Package Index (PyPI) <>_

Install pytest-django


pip install pytest-django

Why would I use this instead of Django’s test command?

Running your test suite with pytest-django allows you to tap into the features that are already present in pytest. Here are some advantages:

  • Manage test dependencies with pytest fixtures. <>_
  • Less boilerplate tests: no need to import unittest, create a subclass with methods. Write tests as regular functions.
  • Database re-use: no need to re-create the test database for every test run.
  • Run tests in multiple processes for increased speed (with the pytest-xdist plugin).
  • Make use of other pytest plugins <>_.
  • Works with both worlds: Existing unittest-style TestCase’s still work without any modifications.

See the pytest documentation <>_ for more information on pytest itself.

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