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Wye is a software that connects colleges and organizations looking to conduct workshops on various FOSS based technologies with experienced professionals to help students learn the programming language along with the real time usage in different domains.

It is a web application built using python and Django.

PythonExpress ( is used for Python and related technologies and it is deployed using wye project.

wye is pronounced as #Y

How to setup

(If you need detailed step-by-step guide, read the documentation here)

  • Create a PostgreSQL 9.3 database
  • It is advised to install all the requirements inside virtualenv, use virtualenvwrapper to manage virtualenvs.
cp settings/ settings/
createdb wye
pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
python migrate
python sample_data
python runserver


It’s highly encouraged that you write test for any new feature/bug fixes. Find all the existing test inside tests/ folder. To run the test locally, run the following command:


You can invoke py.test with various command line arguments, that can drastically improve your test writing/running experience. Read useful tip/tricks at docs/

Login Details

Email: [email protected] Password: 123123

Making Frontend Changes

Make sure you have nodejs & npm installed

$ npm install
$ gulp   // This starts a watcher to watch for file changes



  1. Choose an issue and ask any doubts in the issue thread.
  2. Report any bugs/feature request as github new issue, if it’s already not present.
  3. If you are starting to work on an issue, please leave a comment saying “I am working on it”.
  4. Once you are done with feature/bug fix, send a pull request according to the guidelines.


This software is licensed under The MIT License(MIT). See the LICENSE file in the top distribution directory for the full license text.

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