natUIve: mostly native front-end framework

~13 KB framework leveraging browsers’ built-in capabilities, with subtle customisation. Features demo (minified), WordPress theme, Microsoft homepage, Imperial Innovations homepage, Pebble homepage, Seat 61, JetBlue, Mitsubishi Regional Jet, MUBI, SWISS, Mapbox, Airbnb, GOV.UK, Google Design, Daring Fireball, Vitsœ, Apple, Brand Union, Tesla, Amnesty, Stripe, Star Wars, Classless demo

  • Unbreakable, flexible (no hardcoded dimensions), responsive grid. Supports Bootstrap-style wrapping columns, but with .col3 (13) etc., instead of .col…4 (412). Auto equal width columns with equal height and vertical alignment.
  • Baseline-aligned text elements*
  • Embeddable grid and elements*
  • Built around edge cases (overflowing content etc)*
  • CSS reset
  • Really blank default style, unlike frameworks with baked-in rounded edges, shadows etc*
  • Semantic structure
  • Balanced functional layout
  • (Mobile) navigation
  • Drop-down nav: Touch-first, CSS-only, JS enhanced, 1-3 levels, responsive, label/link items support
  • Buttons
  • Modal windows with local or external content
  • Lightbox gallery supporting huge galleries* and click to zoom. Can be opened automatically by URI page#lightbox_id. Video in lightbox.
  • Tooltips with full HTML content*
  • Nested ordered lists*
  • Forms with validation, dynamic submission without page reload, full customisation and accessibility, including native file drop. Range input with blank style. Auto-expanding textarea*. Optional fieldsets.
  • Native sliders*, swipeable on mobile and desktop, with numbered or thumbnail (tabs) navigation, vertical and full window options, slider inside slider, fade in/out option, auto height option
  • Accordions
  • Tabs
  • Cards
  • Quote block
  • Drop Caps
  • Tables accessible on narrow screens by scrolling; sortable*
  • Footer sticking to the very bottom on short pages*
  • ‘Back to top’ button
  • Animated anchor links
  • Language selector
  • Native video player
  • Good usability without any classes*
  • Aspect ratio image container*
  • Support for Android Browser scrolling via polyfill overthrow.js*
  • CSS-only viewport height header*
  • URI parameters relay to links*
  • Arabic layout ready*
  • Masonry CSS-only*
  • CSS-only parallax scrolling*
  • Fixed background option
  • WordPress theme*
  • Notificaton bar
  • Click to copy to clipboard
  • Functional without JS and accessible without CSS*
  • 6 KB CSS + optional 6 KB JS (combined, minified, macOS gzip)
  • No IE conditional operators HTML5 elements also for IE8 with html5shiv
  • No jQuery or other dependencies*
  • Supporting IE8+, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android 2.3+, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Graceful degradation
  • Full documentation in natUIve.pdf
  • Includes a FREE picture of a cat

* exclusive features, missing in popular frameworks

© 2014-2016


natUIve 1.7

  • Video in lightbox
  • .fold replaces .accordion for universal use
  • copyButton() makes a button copy content to clipboard
  • Limited size modal window
  • IE8 fallback for Flex grid
  • Lightbox auto-opening at slide number or image name, depending on URI
  • init() initializes new dynamic content
  • Optional form fieldsets


natUIve 1.6

  • animate() function for CSS animations
  • Slider with Fade option
  • Nested sliders
  • Scrollable horizontal nav
  • Animated off-screen mobile nav
  • Automatically open a lightbox by loading url#lightbox-id
  • Notification bar
  • Range input
  • CSS-only parallax scrolling
  • Fixed background behind an element
  • Close burger content by clicking outside
  • Aspect ratio container now a single element
  • Properly inherited font size


natUIve 1.5

  • Unified Flexbox grid with equal height, vertical alignment and auto wrapping
  • Modular source code
  • Cards
  • Balanced for 10 common page designs
  • Vertically centered viewport banner
  • Click to zoom in lightbox
  • Full screen lightbox


natUIve 1.4

  • New
    • Sortable tables
    • Masonry CSS-only
    • isInViewport()
    • Drop-down nav: Touch-first, CSS-only, JS enhanced, 1-3 levels, responsive, label/link items supporting
  • Improved
    • Tooltip for touch
    • parentByClass() replaced by versatile getClosest()
    • Slider in CSS-only more now has visual cues
    • Form validation for email and URL inputs
    • Form: input type=number with optional data-digits to specify exact digits required
    • WordPress Gallery captions


natUIve 1.3

  • Core
    • Sass CSS for $font-size and $line-height
    • Reduced class dependencies
    • HTML5 elements
    • Themes support
    • openFullWindow(‘content’)
    • Overflowing mobile nav scrollable
    • Node manipulation preserves events
    • Aspect ratio image container
    • Scroll polyfill for Android Browser with overthrow.js
    • Option for Header+Banner (“Hero”) to take up .viewport-height (CSS only)
    • Optimisations and fixes
  • natUIve WordPress theme
  • Lightbox
    • Lazy loading images to support huge galleries
  • Slider
    • Rewritten slide animation to support huge sliders
    • Headless full-window option
  • Video player
  • Tabs


natUIve 1.2

  • Core
    • 50% wide columns option on narrow screens
    • Rows with border option
    • Anchor links animated by CSS
    • Various code optimisations
  • Slider
    • Vertical version
    • Full-screen version
  • Form
    • Border on focus
    • Dynamic form submit without page reload
  • Modal
    • External content via PHP


natUIve 1.1

  • More stability and compatibility
  • Core:
    • Clean, seamless row embedding without padding creep
    • Wrap Grid, which wraps equal-width columns on multiple lines
    • Browser capabilities detection, instead of user agent
  • Tables:
    • Highlight row by hover
  • Lightbox:
    • Image captions
    • Centered/downscaled images by CSS only
    • Lightbox link can be anything, not just a thumbnail image
  • Modal windows:
    • The link can have child elements
    • A modal window can have any content – modalWindow(‘HTML’)
  • Form:
    • Supports dragging a file to a file input
    • Flat version with stacked labels/inputs
  • Slider:
    • Auto-slide option
    • Jumping from last to first and first to last

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