I was getting tired of building a custom solr using the patch found at SOLR-5170

The files involved in the patch are pretty free-standing though, so this project allows you to build a jar containing the functionality of that patch, and add that jar to your solr config the same as any other plugin you might wish.

This allows you to use the stock Solr distribution and treat this as a standard plugin.

Test infrastructure files were copied in from the solr source so that tests can be run.


SOLR-5170 was originally authored by David Smiley, and all credit goes to him. I’ve just been keeping the lights on.


mvn package

This might require Maven 3.x.

Then put the resulting jar someplace Solr can get it.

Solr versions

I’ve added tags for building this artifact for:

  • solr_4.9.1
  • solr_5.0.0
  • solr_5.1.0

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