How we do recordings at ReactVienna

Recording Setup

This guide explains how we do record our meetups. There are two variations. The first one is only for recording. The second one for recording and streaming at the same time.


Make sure you have all the necessary pieces:

  1. Camera
  2. Memory card (usually already in the cam)
  3. Wireless microphone
  4. Tripod

Make sure the SD card is empty or at least enough space available. If you run solely on battery make sure it’s fully charged. You can also plug the camera. It will work even without the battery, but we recommend to have the battery in the camera and power connected.

Connect everything

  1. Mount the receiver onto the Camera
  2. Connect the receiver output of the wireless microphone to the camera Mic input
  3. Place the camera on the tripod and fixate the tripod!
  4. Connect the camera to the power plug
  5. Attach the microphone to the speaker or the test person

Turning everything on

  1. Turn on the wireless microphone (receiver & sender)
  2. Make sure the sender is not set to mute
  3. Turn on the camera


  1. Plug some earphones into the camera and press recording.
  2. Press recording on the camera. The speaker should start presenting and you should hear a clear voice in the earphones.
  3. Make sure the quality looks good.
  4. Make sure there is no flickering on the screen. Check dark and bright slides. If necessary, adjust shutter settings on the cam.

Now you are good to go!

Notes for the speaker

  • Ask the speaker to turn on screenrecording + internal mic on. This way you have another high quality video source which you can use for focusing on a slide or demo when cutting it together. The mic is useful to keep slides & footage in sync during editing. Thanks to Roland for this tip.
  • Remind the speaker to turn off recording right after the Q&A. Make sure the speaker saves the screen record before she/he closes the notebook.

Before the talk

  • Make sure the mic is unmuted.
  • Check mic batteries.
  • Start recording right before the MC introduces the speaker.

After the talk

  • Stop recording when the MC announces the next break.
  • Mute or turn off the mic.

Wrapping up after the event

After a successful event copy the videos from the SD to your computer. Once you have done that please remove all your videos for the next person to use it. Please make sure that all batteries (camera, mic sender & receiver) are fully charged before you leave.

Pro Tips

  • Record the meetup/speaker introduction. This will provide you a final check.
  • The camera is setup with a frequency rate that it works well the Sektor5 beamer. If you record somewhere else test there is no flickering during recording. Please reset it to the current setting once you bring it back.

Default camera config

  • Format: mp4
  • Resolution: 1080p30
  • Light not auto balanced
  • Shutter: 1180

Default mic config

  • Volume: 60-80%

Recording & Streaming

TODO as we haven’t tested this yet

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How we do recordings at ReactVienna ...