Database of ESC/POS thermal receipt printers

ESC/POS printer database Build Status

This is a community-maintained database of thermal receipt printer capabilities.

The capability data is shared by multiple open source receipt printing projects, to allow improvements in hardware support, compatibility and localization.

Only features of ESC/POS printers are tracked at this stage. If you have a ZPL, DPL, or ESC/P printer, it is not in-scope for being listed in this database.




This project is open to any kind of contribution.

  • Submitting information about your printer
  • Writing new profiles
  • Typing up legacy code pages

Write a profile

All data is in YAML format. If you are comfortable, please copy an existing profile for a similar printer, fill out the details based on test prints, bug reports and tea leaves, then submit a pull request.

Submit a test page

If your printer is not listed, or has an incomplete profile, it may be because nobody with a similar printer has contributed to this project yet.

To get your printer included in the database, try to find out some technical info about what it supports, and post a new issue with what you found out.

Minimum info is:

  • Vendor name and model number
  • Link to a vendor programming guide that lists supported features
  • Paper width

If you don’t have docs, try to find out what your printer supports by submitting:

  • Test page output listing supported character encodings
  • An indication of which features work on your printer.

For testing out features, the escpos-php test outputs are suitable.


This data and documentation is provided under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. See for details.

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