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:loudspeaker: :shoe: Elevate your npm scripts, JavaScript-based shell script templating.


npm i ache -g


I was sick and tired of build tools available. I simply want to leverage bash / and shell scripts and add a templating component on top of them using node. Named ache because the existing tools are a headache, and it rhymes with make, jake, rake, you get the idea.

How it works

Add a achefile.js or achefiles directory with many different JavaScript files to your project.

export let helloWorld = `
echo 'hello world'

Then run ache hello-world and your done.

Ache Spec

I designed ache to inevitably support three distinct syntax types. Providing some versatility.

Syntax 1

Export values can return a execString directly.

export let helloWorld = `
echo 'hello-world'

Syntax 2

Export values can return a special ache-specific Cmd class, where you can pass a execString.

export let helloWorld = new Cmd(`
echo 'hello-world'

The benefit here is that you can add optional params to helloWorld for instance helloWorld.usage.

Syntax 3

Export values can return that same Cmd class, when a function is passed you have access to global data from the root ache consumer. This allows the most amount of uniformity between scripts and modularity because you don’t need to use globals.

export let echo = new Cmd(({argv}) => `
echo '${argv._[1]}'

Another benefit of this approach is that you can preform validation like this.

export let helloWorld = new Cmd(({argv}) => {
  if (argv._[1] !== 'please') throw new Error('ask nicely')
  return `
    echo 'hello-world'

Ache Specific

Here’s the operational flags you can pass to ache.

  • ache --ache-scope changes the path where ache looks for your ache scope
  • ache --ache-cwd changes the current working directory CWD to a specified path
  • ache --ache-list lists all the commands in the ache scope
  • ache --ache-dry-run logs the string command to be run (without running it)
  • ache --ache-error logs error stack trace instead of just error message
  • ache --ache-verbose shortcut for DEBUG=ache and --ache-error


examples$ npm i ache -g
/Users/thomasreggi/.nvm/versions/node/v6.2.2/bin/ache -> /Users/thomasreggi/.nvm/versions/node/v6.2.2/lib/node_modules/ache/lib/bin.js
└── [email protected]

examples$ cd 01_example/
01_example$ ache
01_example$ ache list
[ 'meow-mix' ]
01_example$ ache meow-mix
meow meow meow meow meow meow

01_example$ cd ..
examples$ cd 02_example/
02_example$ ache list
[ 'bar', 'baz', 'foo', 'hello-world' ]
02_example$ ache bar

02_example$ ache hello-world

02_example$ cd ..
examples$ cd 03_example/
03_example$ ache list
[ 'bar', 'baz', 'foo', 'hello-world', 'meow-mix' ]
03_example$ ache hello-world


Here’s an example of scope diving & setting the cwd.

ache$ cd examples
examples$ ache --ache-scope ./01_example/ --ache-cwd ./03_example/ cat-file
examples$ ache --ache-scope ./01_example/ --ache-cwd ./03_example/ cat-file --ache-verbose
  ache starting +0ms
  ache argv {"_":["cat-file"],"ache-scope":"./01_example/","ache-cwd":"./03_example/","ache-verbose":true} +4ms
  ache cwd /Users/thomasreggi/Desktop/ache/examples +1ms
  ache ache scope /Users/thomasreggi/Desktop/ache/examples/01_example +0ms
  ache ache cwd /Users/thomasreggi/Desktop/ache/examples/03_example +0ms
  ache commands meow-mix, cat-file +124ms

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