A port of the modulr client-side CommonJS module implementation to RingoJS



ringo-modulris a port of modulr to Ringo. It provides a CommonJS module implementation for client-side JavaScript. It accepts a singular file as input (the program) on which is does static analysis to recursively resolve its dependencies.

The program, its dependencies and a small, namespaced JavaScript library are concatenated into a single js file.The bundled JavaScript library provides each module with the necessary require function and exports and module free variables.

ringo-modulr currently only provides a subset of modulr functionality. The --lazy-eval, --minify, --global-export, --sync, and --dependency-graph options are not supported.


$ ringo-admin install hns/ringo-modulr


ringo-modulr provides two interfaces: A command line script and a Stick middleware module.

To process a JavaScript source file with the command line script, run:

$ ringo-modulr filename.js > output.js

Options are as follows:

-o --output FILE  Write the output to FILE. Defaults to stdout.
-r --root DIR     Set DIR as root directory. Defaults to the directory containing FILE.
-h --help         Show this message.

The Stick middleware is provided by module modulr/middleware. It installs a modulr method in the Stick application that takes two arguments: the base directory of the JavaScript source code, and an optional URL prefix. Any request whose path matches the URL prefix and ends with .js is looked up in the base JavaScript directory. If the file is found, it is modulrized and served. Otherwise, the request is passed on through the JSGI middleware chain.

The webapp directory contains a demo for the ringo-modulr middleware. You need to install Stick in order to run it:

$ ringo-admin install hns/stick

Then start the application with:

$ ringo-web webapp


Thanks to Tobie Langel for creating the original modulr project!


ringo-modulr is freely distributable under the terms of the MIT license.

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A port of the modulr client-side CommonJS module implementation to RingoJS ...