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MatterMail is an integration service for Mattermost, MatterMail listen an email box and publish all received emails in a channel or private group in Mattermost.

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Redirect to the channel by subject (Version 3.0 or later)

Mattermail post the email using this rules (if “NoRedirectChannel:false”):

1 - If the email subject contains “[#anychannelname] blablabla” or “[@usertosend] xxxxxx”, Mattermail will try to post to the channel or to the username

2 - If the email subject doesn’t contain channel or username, Mattermail will try to post the channel defined in config.json

3 - If Mattermail can not post the email will try to post in “Town Square”



  1. You need to create a user in Mattermost server, you can use MatterMail icon as profile picture.

  2. Get the Channel Handle of the channel and check if the user has permission to post in this channel mattermail channel_handle

  3. Edit the file config.json, e.g.:

		"Name":          "Orders",
		"Server":        "",
		"Team":          "team1",
		"Channel":       "#orders",
		"MattermostUser":"[email protected]",
		"ImapServer":    "",
		"Email":         "[email protected]",
		"EmailPass":     "password",
		"MailTemplate":  ":incoming_envelope: _From: **%v**_\n>_%v_\n\n%v"
		"Name":              "Bugs",
		"Server":            "",
		"Team":              "team1",
		"Channel":           "@user123",
		"MattermostUser":    "[email protected]",
		"MattermostPass":    "password",
		"ImapServer":        "",
		"Email":             "[email protected]",
		"EmailPass":         "password",
		"MailTemplate":      ":incoming_envelope: _From: **%v**_\n>_%v_\n\n%v",
		"StartTLS":          false,  /*Optional default false*/
		"TLSAcceptAllCerts": false,  /*Optional default false*/
		"Disabled":          false,  /*Optional default false*/
		"Debug":             true    /*Optional default false*/
        "LinesToPreview":    20,     /*Optional default 10*/
		"NoRedirectChannel": true,   /*Optional default false*/
        "NoAttachment":      true,   /*Optional leave out attachments*/

        /*Filter works only (Version 3.0 or later)*/
        "Filter":            [
            /* if subject contains 'Feature' redirect to #feature */
            {"Subject":"Feature", "Channel":"#feature"},
            /* if from contains '[email protected]' and subject contains 'to me' redirect to @test2*/
            {"From":"[email protected]", "Subject":"To Me", "Channel":"@test2"},
            /* if from contains '' redirect to #companyb */
			{"From":"", "Channel":"#companyb"} /**/
		/*.... other if you want ....*/
  1. Execute the command to put in background
$ ./mattermail > /var/log/mattermail.log 2>&1 &


$ ./mattermail --help
    -c, --config  Sets the file location for config.json
                  Default: ./config.json 
    -h, --help    Show this help
    -v, --version Print current version


You need Go to build this project

$ go get

If you want to build MatterMail to Mattermost 2.2 you need to use release-2.2 branch