A leaflet plugin which adds an icon to print the map - http://rowanwins.github.io/leaflet-easyPrint/

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A simple leaflet plugin which adds an icon to print the map.

Check out the demo.


Step 1. Include the required js and css files in your document.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/easyPrint.css"/>
    <script src="dist/leaflet.easyPrint.js"></script>

Step 2. Add the following line of code to your map script


Step 3. You can pass a number of options to the plugin to control various settings.

Option Type Default Description
title string 'Print map' Sets the text which appears as the tooltip of the print button
position Leaflet control position 'topleft' Position the print button
elementsToHide string none Enables you to pass through a string of html elements to hide when the user prints the page

Here's an example of passing through some options.

    title: 'My awesome print button',
    position: 'bottomright',
    elementsToHide: 'p, h2'


Huge hats off go to mourner and all the contributors to the leaflet.js project, it's an amazing piece of open source software!

And finally thanks to IcoMoon for the print icon.

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