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A database of vulnerable Ruby Gems

3 years after

Ruby Advisory Database

The Ruby Advisory Database aims to compile all advisories that are relevant to Ruby libraries.


  1. Provide advisory metadata in a simple yet structured YAML schema for automated tools to consume.
  2. Avoid reinventing CVEs.
  3. Avoid duplicating the efforts of the OSVDB.

Directory Structure

The database is a list of directories that match the names of Ruby libraries on Within each directory are one or more advisory files for the Ruby library. These advisory files are typically named using the advisories OSVDB identifier number.

    OSVDB-79727.yml  OSVDB-84513.yml  OSVDB-89026.yml  OSVDB-91454.yml
    OSVDB-84243.yml  OSVDB-84515.yml  OSVDB-91452.yml


Each advisory file contains the advisory information in YAML format:

gem: actionpack
framework: rails
cve: 2013-0156
osvdb: 89026
title: |
  Ruby on Rails params_parser.rb Action Pack Type Casting Parameter Parsing
  Remote Code Execution 

description: |
  Ruby on Rails contains a flaw in params_parser.rb of the Action Pack.
  The issue is triggered when a type casting error occurs during the parsing
  of parameters. This may allow a remote attacker to potentially execute
  arbitrary code.

cvss_v2: 10.0

  - ~> 2.3.15
  - ~> 3.0.19
  - ~> 3.1.10
  - ">= 3.2.11"


  • gem [String]: Name of the affected gem.
  • framework [String] (optional): Name of framework gem belongs to.
  • platform [String] (optional): If this vulnerability is platform-specific, name of platform this vulnerability affects (e.g. JRuby)
  • cve [String]: CVE id.
  • osvdb [Fixnum]: OSVDB id.
  • url [String]: The URL to the full advisory.
  • title [String]: The title of the advisory.
  • date [Date]: Disclosure date of the advisory.
  • description [String]: Multi-paragraph description of the vulnerability.
  • cvss_v2 [Float]: The CVSSv2 score for the vulnerability.
  • cvss_v3 [Float]: The CVSSv3 score for the vulnerability.
  • unaffected_versions [Array\<String>] (optional): The version requirements for the unaffected versions of the Ruby library.
  • patched_versions [Array\<String>]: The version requirements for the patched versions of the Ruby library.


Please see

This database also includes data from the Open Source Vulnerability Database developed by the Open Security Foundation (OSF) and its contributors.

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