An alexa skill to control a parrot minidrone over voice.

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Drone control via Alexa. An alexa skill to control a parrot minidrone through voice commands.

See it here in action:


Hardware requirements

  • A parrot minidrone like Cargo/Mambo that connects over bluetooth.
  • A raspberry pi to bridge AWS to minidrone.

Software requirements

  • Configure an alexa skill like DroneControl. See section on alexa skill.
  • Configure lambda to bridge alexa voice commands to AWS. See section on lambda.
  • Install this kickass library (created by @amymcgovern) on raspberry pi: https://github.com/amymcgovern/pyparrot. This library offers python-api to connect drone over bluetooth.

How does it work

  • Skill calls the AWS lambda function, which receives the intent request and sends events to queue (AWS SQS).
  • DroneService on Raspberry pi polls SQS and processes event.
  • DroneService sends movement instructions to Parrot drone over Bluetooth.

Limitations/Future work

  • Queue should have only one consumer and one publisher. It won't work for multiple raspberry-pis polling same queue.
  • Add facial recognition in pi to support "ask drone control to come to me" type of usecase.
  • Support inter drone communication.

Alexa skill

  • This skill supports 6 types of utterances:
    • TakeOffDroneIntent: drone takes off
    • LandDroneIntent: drone lands
    • RotateDroneIntent: drone rotates by +90 or -90 degrees.
    • Slot: RotationType (2 values: [+90, -90])
    • Resolution: "clockwise" -> 90, "counterclockwise" -> -90.
    • DroneMovementIntent: drone moves in 6 possible directions.
    • Slot: DirectionType (6 values: ["up", "down", "left", "right", "forward", "backward"])
    • HoverDroneIntent: drone hovers around one time.
    • FlightPlanIntent: drone calls a hard coded flight plan in flight_plan
  • Build model to point various utterances to this intents.
  • Set endpoint of this skill as AWS Lambda ARN (that we'll create in next step).


  • Create a lambda file index.js based on provided index.js.
  • The code maps each intent to an actionable handler code. This code extracts slots and creates a JSON payload to be sent to SQS.
    • Lambda also sends out an appropriate voice reply.


  • A simple queue. Since only one drone is in the play, this queue doesn't need any fancy setup to handle ~10 events per minute.

Drone service

Drone service is a inifintely looping program that does the following:

  • Polls SQS.
  • If a message is available, then extracts payload and calls the corresponding method. For example: "TakeOffDroneIntent" -> takeOff()
  • The method calls pyparrot library to execute drone movement like "Move Up", "Move Down", "Land".