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请翻译修改 examples 目录及其子目录内的 文件,内容参考同目录下 文件内的英文(注意: 内的英文很可能是旧版的,勿直接翻译)。请使用 UTF-8 编码存储中文文档,否则程序不能正确读取,导致最终生成英文版页面。 尽量不要改其他文件,以方便合并来自官方 upstream 的更新。生成中文版图书的方法请参考Wiki。 —— Liigo。

What’s this?

This is the source code of the Rust by Example website!

How to contribute


How to generate the static site

First, make certain you install nodejs on Debian based distributions, or node on non-Debian distros. After installation, if you use a Debian based distro (i.e. Ubuntu), run:

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

Then run:

make all
make book
make test

View the results with make serve.


We use these tools to generate the static site:

gitbook will generate the site from Markdown files (see details about how it works here).

Before running gitbook, we do a preprocessing step using src/

This preprocessing has two steps:

Generating the is generated from the examples/structure.json file. This JSON file contains a tree-like structure of “examples”.

Each example has:

  • an id, e.g. hello
  • a title, e.g. Hello World
  • optionally, children, which is a vector of sub-examples, e.g. null
  • a directory under examples, e.g. examples/hello
  • an entry in examples/structure.json, e.g. { "id": "hello", "title": "Hello World", "children": null }
  • some source file(s), e.g. examples/hello/
  • an input markdown file, e.g. examples/hello/

When dealing with a child example, the path will have to include the id of its ancestors; e.g. examples/variable/mut/, implies that a mut example lives under the variable example.


Instead of including the Rust code directly in, the code lives in separate source files; the preprocessing step will insert the source code into the Markdown file.

For example, to insert the source code of the file, the following syntax is used in the Markdown file:

  • {} expands the source code embedded in a live code editor
  • {} expands to static/plain source code.
  • {hello.out} expands to the output of executing the source code.

The Makefile provides the following recipes:

  • make: builds and does the preprocessing step
  • make book: runs gitbook to generate the book
  • make serve: runs gitbook --serve to generate the book and publishes it under localhost:4000
  • make test: will check all the rust source files for compilation errors


Rust by Example is dual-licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and the MIT license.

See LICENSE-APACHE and LICENSE-MIT for more details.

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