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Free and Open Source messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one.


Free, Open Source and Cross Platform messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one.

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Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Logo designed by Andriy Yurchenko



Services available - 84

WhatsApp Messenger Skype Slack Hangouts Telegram WeChat Gmail Inbox HipChat

ChatWork GroupMe Grape Gitter Steam Discord Noysi Outlook Outlook 365 TutaNota

Hushmail BearyChat Aol Sync Aim Wire Rocket Chat Missive Yahoo! Mail Ryver

Yandex Mail Dasher DingTalk FlowDock Mattermost Voxer Glip Yahoo! Messenger mysms ICQ

TweetDeck Zinc FreeNode MightyText Zoho Email Zoho Chat Roundcube Horde SquirrelMail Zimbra

Hootsuite Amium RainLoop iCloud Mail IRC Cloud Kiwi IRC Smooch Crisp Flock Openmailbox

Typetalk Drift mmmelon Cisco Spark Fleep Socialcast Actor Riot Pushbullet Movim

Kaiwa Zyptonite LinkedIn The Lounge Kezmo Teams Xing Workplace FastMail Hibox Jandi Threema


  • [x] Sync your configuration between multiple computers.
  • [x] Master Password.
  • [x] Lock Rambox if you will be away for a period of time.
  • [x] Don’t disturb mode.
  • [x] Reorder applications in the tab bar.
  • [x] Notification badge in the tab.
  • [x] Minimize to tray.
  • [x] Mute audio to specific service.
  • [x] Separate tabs floating to the right.
  • [x] Go Offline on specific service.
  • [x] Start automatically on system startup.
  • [x] Custom Code Injection.
  • [x] Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • [x] Proxy.


No personal information will be saved

Sessions will persist using the partition:persist attribute for Webviews. So every time you open Rambox, your sessions will keep alive until you remove the service.

Sync feature use Auth0 for Single Sign On & Token Based Authentication and to store the services that user is using (and the configuration for each service). You are always welcome to check the code! ;)


Help us translate Rambox on https://crowdin.com/project/rambox/invite.

Install on Linux - Steps

To Do

Getting Involved

Want to report a bug, request a feature, contribute to or translate Rambox? We need all the help we can get! Fork and work!

Getting Started

If you’re comfortable getting up and running from a git clone, this method is for you.


  • Sencha Ext JS
  • Electron
  • Node JS


  • Sencha Cmd (make sure to check “Compass extension” during install if you don’t have installed yet)
  • Ruby 2.3
  • NPM 3.8.7
  • Node.js 4.0.0


  1. git clone https://github.com/saenzramiro/rambox.git
  2. npm install
  3. Configure env-sample.js and rename it to env.js.
  4. npm run sencha:compile
  5. npm start

Compile on Ubuntu:

These instructions were tested with Ubuntu 17.04. 1. Install dependencies: sudo apt install nodejs-legacy npm git 2. Build and install electron: sudo npm install electron-prebuilt -g 3. Install Sencha Cmd (non-free): https://www.sencha.com/products/extjs/cmd-download/ 4. Clone repository: git clone https://github.com/saenzramiro/rambox.git 5. Install npm dependencies: npm install 6. Configure env-sample.js and rename it to env.js. 7. Compile: npm run sencha:compile 8. Start program: npm start


Rambox is not affiliated with any of the messaging apps offered.



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Free and Open Source messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one. ...



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package version
auto-launch-patched 5.0.2
tmp 0.0.28
rimraf 2.6.1
mime ^1.3.4
electron-is-dev ^0.1.1
electron-config 0.2.1
@exponent/electron-cookies 2.0.0
dev asar ^0.12.1
chai 3.5.0
crowdin 1.0.0
csvjson 4.3.3
electron 1.7.4
electron-builder ^17.8.0
electron-builder-squirrel-windows 15.0.0
electron-squirrel-startup ^1.0.0
mocha 3.2.0
spectron 3.4.0


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-   0.4.1 zip tar
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-   0.3.0 zip tar
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-   0.2.3 zip tar
-   0.2.2 zip tar
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-   0.2.0 zip tar
-   0.1.0 zip tar