Deployed on Heroku. Web Chat app that used Python, Flask, Socket IO, PostresSQL, React, social login, web API's, automated testing and continuous integration.



For this project I went with a technological theme given that it involves a chatbot that learns from the messages entered on the chat. The theme was implemented by adding a robot picture to a background that lightly resembles tech.

login page


chat page


Known problems

One of the biggest problems was the inability to properly detect when a user disconnects. The app does not register properly when a client leaves. Also, the facebook and sign in buttons will retrieve the user's previous login information which can be treated as an auto-login feature after the user signed in once. I incorporate the Dark Sky API to get weather data and the chatbot was inspired by potatoes. The user can also chat with the chatbot by typing '!! bot'.

How to improve

  • Detect the bug that does not allow the server to notice on time when a user disconnects
  • show the correct user images when a user logins, the image displayed will be from the person that connected last
  • Display the right amount of users that are logged in
  • On Circleci sometimes the tests fails because of the nature of the tests. It will throw the error that the port is already in use.

Improvements from handin 1

  • page itself should not scroll
  • !! say makes the bot say to the room