Rails plugin that manages a number of openids.


Goes a step further than open_id_authentication with drop-in support.

Aims to be quick to implement and flexible enough.

  1. gem install ruby-openid
  2. Get this plugin into vendor/plugins/
  3. rake open_id_authentication:db:create (or get some sort of association setup working)
  4. script/generate controller sessions
  5. In routes.rb: map.resources :sessions
  6. In app/controllers/sessions_controller.rb: class SessionsController < ApplicationController include OpenIdCollection::RelyingParty
  7. Put <%= open_id_login_form %> in app/views/sessions/new.erb, or make your own new session form.
  8. Additionally, in the sessions controller you can overwrite successful_login and failed login to get more custom functionality.
  9. For a sample display of current identities, use <%= open_id_collection_summary %>.

Change constant OpenIdCollection::LOGIN_CONTROLLER_NAME to use a different login path than /sessions

Newly confirmed identities are primary. For now.


In alpha or beta or something not 1.0 Unexamined on Rails <2.1 If you use cookie store (the Rails default) it is certainly possible to exceed the 4kb maximum cookie size with even one ludicrously long url.

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Rails plugin that manages a number of openids. ...

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