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MongoMapper store for OpenID associations

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= Openid MongoDB Store

OpenID requires some form of storage for its various cryptographic nuts and bolts. This project lets you use MongoDB (through the Mongo Ruby library) for that storage. This was pretty largely taken from the ActiveRecord adaptor.

== Install

gem install openid_mongodb_store

db ='localhost').db('testorama') db.authenticate('foo','bar')

== Demo

git clone git://
cd openid_mongodb_store
bundle install
# have mongodb running
open http://localhost:9292/

Shotgun reloads the application each request, providing a nice sanity check. OpenID library can normally do nonce/association storage in memory, so shotgun is a little extra proof that it's really working.

== Copyright

Copyright (c) 2009 Sam Schenkman-Moore. See LICENSE for details.

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