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Neos Flow Plugin for Oh-my-ZSH


Flow Framework Helper for Oh-my-ZSH

Copyright 2012-2016 Sebastian Kurfürst, sandstorm|media


First, you need to install oh-my-zsh from https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh.git

Then, install this repository inside custom/plugins of your oh-my-zsh directory::

mkdir -p .oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins
cd .oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins
git clone git://github.com/sandstorm/oh-my-zsh-flow-plugin.git flow

Afterwards, add the flow plugin to your oh-my-zsh config list.


Here, the features of the Flow helper are explained:

flow Command

The Flow plugin makes the flow command available inside every subdirectory of the Flow distribution. Thus, you can use flow instead of ./flow, and you do not have to be in the base directory of your distribution for it. Example::

cd <YourFlowDistribution>
./flow help    # this is the command you know already ;-)
flow help      # shortcut to the one above, saves you two keystrokes -- yeah!
cd Packages/Application/Acme.Demo
flow help      # now, that's actually quite cool, as the system will find the correct
                # flow CLI executable by traversing the parent directories

Tab Completion

You can use tab completion on the flow subcommands, and the system will intelligently auto- complete it. When autocompleting a fully written command, the full command reference is displayed::

flow <TAB>                            # list all currently installed commands with a short description
flow k<TAB>                           # autocompletes to "kickstart:"
flow kickstart:<TAB>                  # show all commands starting with "kickstart:"
flow kickstart:actioncontroller <TAB> # show the full help for kickstart:actioncontroller from Flow

Unit and Functional Testing

In order to save a few keystrokes when typing phpunit -c ..../Build/Common/PhpUnit/UnitTests.xml path/to/MyTest.php, there are two commands available: ffunctionaltest and funittest.

They, as well, can be called inside every subfolder of the Flow distribution::

cd <YourFlowDistribution>
funittest Packages/Application/Acme.Demo/Tests/Unit       # Runs all unit tests; lot of typing necessary
cd Packages/Application/Acme.Demo/
funittest Tests/Unit                                      # runs all unit tests, but with a lot less typing ;-)
ffunctionaltest Tests/Functional                          # runs the functional tests

Directly accessing Flow Packages using cd

Often, I find myself working for longer timespans in a particular Flow distribution, jumping between the different packages of the distribution very often. In order to save some keystrokes, I found the “cdpath” variable in ZSH, which can be defined like::

cdpath=(/..../FlowBase/Packages/Framework /..../FlowBase/Packages/Application)

Then, you can directly cd into any subdirectory of the directories in cdpath. This enables you to directly jump to all packages inside the distribution::

cd Acme.Demo
cd SandstormMedia.Plumber

In order to work with multiple distributions more easily, you should set the flow_distribution_paths variable inside your .zshrc to the base directories of all distributions::

flow_distribution_paths=(/Volumes/data/htdocs/FlowBase /Volumes/data/htdocs/PackageRepositoryDistribution /Volumes/data/htdocs/SandstormMediaFlowDistribution)

Then, you can use the f-set-distribution command to choose which distribution shall be active right now.

The system automatically updates the cdpath in ALL running zsh instances :-)


Often, I need to run some command in all packages. Before using composer, this was easy using git submodule foreach. This is why we install f-package-foreach which loops through all Flow packages; skipping all Packages/Libraries.


f-package-foreach <your-command>

This command can be run from any subdirectory inside the current Flow distribution, and will always loop through all packages.


The system caches temporary files inside Data/Temporary/Development/.flow-autocompletion* in order to not invoke ./flow too often (to improve performance).

Future Ideas

If you have suggestions on how to improve this software, pull requests etc are highly appreciated :-)

Or you can contact me directly as well, I usually hang out as sebastian in slack.neos.io.


You can choose to use the LGPL or MIT license when you use this work.

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