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Modern website generator with a traditional design. Generates html files from a git repository; files are written in claytext. Pages can optionally be posted via email.


Get the gem

gem install clayoven

clayoven depends on Git, Ruby 1.9.3 and Slim.


  • Run clayoven on your website’s repository to generate HTML files.
  • Run clayoven httpd to preview your website locally.
  • Run clayoven imapd to start a daemon which will poll for emails.

Repository format

There are two kinds of pages: index pages and content pages. Index pages are toplevel pages and (optionally) contain links to corresponding content pages. To specify which pages should go under which “topic” (or index), content page filenames must look like <topic>:<permalink>. Topic page filenames must look like <topic>.index. A special index page called index will serve as the homepage. Additionally, the repository should contain a design/template.slim.

Content pages are sorted based on the timestamp of the commit that first introduced the file, reverse-chronologically. This means that updating a page (and checking in the changes) will not break the sort order.

Using slim and claytext

claytext is the markup engine that processes all your files, and passes structured information to the slim template. However, no special effort is required to mark up the text that you write. The first line of file should contain the title, followed by the body peppered with [\d+] markers referring to links in the footer. The footer should contain “[\d+]: <link>” lines, which will be turned into clickable links. For a full example, see

The simplest possible slim template that will work with clayoven is:

doctype html
    title #{permalink}
    h1 #{title}
pre #{body}

However, this does not make use of the structured information that claytext offers. For a full example, look at the template that uses.


Open issues and send pull requests on GitHub. You can optionally email the author your patches, if you prefer that.

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