Interview preparation guide for iOS developers

iOS Interview Preparation Guide

A repository of iOS questions and recommended blog posts relevant to various topics of iOS development.

For anyone practicing for an upcoming interview or even otherwise to just stay current.

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  1. iOS SDK

  2. Objective-C runtime

  3. Memory Management

  4. How does reference counting work in Objective-C?

  5. What is NSAutoreleasePool And autorelease?

  6. What are retain cycles and best practices to avoid them?

  7. Under what circumstances would an app crash with EXC_BAD_ACCESS error?

Recommended reading: - Memory Management with Objective C / Cocoa / iPhone - Memo Akten - Memory Management - RyPress - An In-depth Look At Manual Memory Management In Objective-C - Tom Dalling

4. Auto Layout

  1. Multi-tasking - GCD, NSOperations etc.

  2. Design Patterns - Delegation, Singleton, Blocks etc.


  3. What are blocks and when would you use them in your app?

  4. How can a block mutate variables declared outside the block?

  5. How can blocks lead to memory retain cycles?

Recommended reading: - Understanding Objective-C Blocks - Intertech - Blocks in Objective-C (Without Tears) - Tim Duckett - Blocks - RyPress -

7. App Architecture

  1. Core Data —
  2. What is core data and what are the different classes the build the core data stack?
  3. How would you implement core data to work in a multi-threaded environment?

Recommended reading: - Exploring all the different core data concurrency configurations - A real guide to core data concurreny - New in core data and iOS8 batch updating - Maintaing a silky smooth UI with core data

9. Objective-C Language Features

  1. Swift Language Features

  2. Instruments and Profiling

  3. Debugging

  4. Code Signing

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