Glitch API Demo

6 years after

Glitch API Playground


  • rvm
  • ruby-1.9.2


Verify that a new rvm gemset was created by running rvm info. You should see a section that looks like this:

    gem:          "/Users/shane/.rvm/gems/[email protected]"
    ruby:         "/Users/shane/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-p180"```
If not, `cd` out of the directory and back in (`cd ..` followed by `cd -` usually works). You will be prompted to approve the rvmrc file. Type yes and hit enter to continue. Once the gemset is created bundler should install automatically. When complete, run `bundle` to install the required gems.

## Running
Run the server with `haml-server` with an optional port number using the -p flag. Then point your browser to localhost:port, where port is the port number specified or 4567 by default.