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Yeoman generator for AngularJS + Rails

AngularJS for Rails generator

Maintainer: Sheniff

Based on generator-angular

Important note

This project is completely based on generator-angular, just in process to be adapted to generate proper distributions to be used along with rails.

Changes (regarding the original project)

  • Modify javascript templates
  • Add an extra service type: resource
  • [WIP] Modify Coffeescript templates
  • [WIP] Add more options in app creation
  • Add a Rails builder task for Grunt so it generates a distRails folder ready to be included into the assets-pipeline
  • [WIP] Add a HAML version of views


Install yo, grunt and bower

npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower

Clone this project locally and call npm link (and reset the console) to be able to do yo angular-rails easily

git clone [email protected]:sheniff/generator-angular-rails.git && cd generator-angular-rails
npm link

Start your project using angular-rails

mkdir my-project && cd $_
yo angular-rails --minsafe
npm install
bower install

Build your rails-ready project running

grunt build-rails


For more info about usage, please refer to original project here

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