A color shifting UI theme for Atom.

Chameleon UI theme

Warning: This is still experimental (see FAQ). Only use this theme together with the Chameleon syntax theme (see under Install).

A color shifting UI theme for Atom.

Chameleon theme


Instead of using the color picker, you can also edit your config.cson file.

1 2 3
Chameleon dark Chameleon dark brown Chameleon light
# 1
    ac: "#49ff94"
    bg: "#383747"
    fg: "#7093a8"

# 2
    ac: "#ffc465"
    bg: "#36302d"
    fg: "#71966c"

# 3
    ac: "#5a5aff"
    bg: "#fffcf9"
    fg: "#8c847b"


This theme isn’t published. But you can still try it out by installing it from Atom’s settings. Go to Settings > Install and then enter simurai/chameleon-ui and click on the “Themes” button. It should show a card with an “Install” button. Don’t forget to also install simurai/chameleon-syntax since they depend on each other.

Then switch to the “Themes” tab and pick Chameleon for both, UI and Syntax.


Theme settings

In the theme settings you can change the Font Size to scale the whole UI up or down.

Switch between 3 Layout Modes:

  1. Auto (default) - In Auto mode, the UI and font size will automatically change based on the window size.
  2. Compact - The UI stays compact to leave more space for the editor.
  3. Spacious - The UI is expanded, giving some breathing room.

And pick a Tab Sizing mode:

  1. Auto (default) - In Auto mode the tabs switch based on the window size.
  2. Minimum - In Mimimum mode the tabs will be as small as possible.
  3. Even - In Even mode all tabs will be the same size.


It’s also possible to resize only certain areas by adding the following to your styles.less (Use the DevTools to find the right selectors):

.theme-chameleon-ui {
  .tab-bar { font-size: 18px; }
  .tree-view { font-size: 14px; }
  .status-bar { font-size: 12px; }


Why isn’t this theme published?

This theme is pretty experimental and not all packages get updated with the right colors.

By convention, Atom themes have to define a list of Less variables that other packages will use to make their package look consistent with the rest of the UI. This theme uses custom properties (CSS variables) for its colors which unfortunately aren’t compatible with Less variables.

You can certainly use it, but there might be issues where certain areas are red. See next question.

I see red?

If you see red somewhere it means that package still needs to be overridden. Feel free to make an issue, but no guarantee that it will be fixed everywhere.

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