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Linter for XO


Linter for XO


$ apm install linter-xo

Or, Settings → Install → Search for linter-xo.


Just write some code.

Settings can be found in the Linter package settings. XO config should be defined in package.json.

Note that it will only lint when XO is a dependency/devDependency in package.json.
This is to ensure it doesn’t activate and conflict on projects using another linter, like ESLint.
We’re considering a way to manually enable XO.


Automagically fix many of the linter issues by running XO: Fix in the Command Palette.


MIT © Sindre Sorhus

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atom-linter ^10.0.0
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load-json-file ^2.0.0
loophole ^1.1.0
p-props ^1.0.0
pkg-dir ^1.0.0
resolve-from ^3.0.0
xo ^0.18.0
dev ava ^0.19.1
babel-register ^6.18.0
electron-rebuild ^1.4.0
proxyquire ^1.7.10
text-buffer ^11.4.0
tmp 0.0.31


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