Documentation for SlipStream

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SlipStream Documentation Sources

This repository contains the sources for all of the SlipStream documentation. If you are looking for the documentation itself, visit the documentation website instead.


All of the SlipStream documentation is written in reStructured Text and then transformed into HTML via Sphinx. The generated pages are then built on the ReadTheDocs website.

To update or add documentation:

  • Clone this repository.
  • Checkout the draft branch.
  • Edit or add source files in the docs subdirectory, organizing them hierarchically.
  • Test the changes by running Sphinx locally and viewing the result.
  • Commit the changes to the repository and ask people to review your changes.
  • After review, merge the changes into the master branch.

The following sections describe each of these steps in more detail.

Pushing changes to the draft and master branches trigger webhooks that make those versions visible on the ReadTheDocs site.

Clone Sources

All of the sources are contained in this git repository on GitHub. To checkout the sources:

$ git clone [email protected]:slipstream/SlipStreamDocumentation.git

If you don't have write access to this repository, then use one of the read-only URLs for it.

Create Branch

Checkout the draft branch for your changes.

$ git checkout draft

Push the changes to GitHub when you want to see the rendered draft material on the ReadTheDocs site.

Editing Documentation

All of the source documentation is written in reStructured Text format.

Simply update the documentation files in the docs subdirectory, using the draft branch.

When updating or adding sources, please:

  • Ensure the files remain as plain text in US-ASCII encoding.
  • Use Unix line endings (and not Windows).
  • Use spaces and not tabs.
  • Wrap lines at column 72 and flow text.

Using a consistent style in text format makes it easier to maintain the documentation.

Test Changes

To test your changes to the documentation, you should run Sphinx locally.

Good instructions for installing the necessary dependencies can be found on the Sphinx documentation website and on the ReadTheDocs stylesheet README. This essentially comes down to the

$ pip install Sphinx sphinx-autobuild sphinx-rtd-theme

You will also need to have the make command installed for unix-like machines, or use the make.bat script on Windows.

From the root of the repository just run:

$ make clean; make html

The generated HTML documentation will be in build/html with the root file build/html/index.html.

Commit Changes

This is a standard git repository, so committing the changes means just following the standard git workflow. Push your branch to the GitHub repository.

Publishing Changes

The changes will be published on the ReadTheDocs site automatically when changes to the draft or master branches are pushed. It may take a couple of minutes for the build process to run on the ReadTheDocs site.