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Extra capabilities for running multi-tennant stores on Solidus

Multi Domain Store

This extension allows a single Solidus instance to have several customer facing stores, with a single shared backend administration system (i.e. multi-store, single-vendor).

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Current features:

  1. Store model which has the following attributes:

    1.1 name - The display name for the store.

    1.2 domains - a line separated list of fully qualified domain names used to associate a customers session with a particular store (you can use localhost and/or IP addresses too).

    1.3 code - which is a abbreviated version of the store’s name (used as the layout directory name, and also helpful for separating partials by store).

    1.4 default - one store should be marked a default as a fallback in case the URL being used to access the site cannot be matched against any of the configured stores.

  2. Stores and domains can be maintained via the configuration section of the Admin interface

  3. Each store can have its own layout(s) - these layouts should be located in your site’s theme extension in the app/views/spree/layouts/store#code/directory. So, if you have a store with a code of “alpha” you should store its default layout in app/views/spree/layouts/alpha/spree_application.html.erb

  4. Each product can be assigned to one or more stores.

  5. All orders are associated with the store / domain that they were placed on.

Looking for additional information? Checkout out the wiki.

Install Instructions

Add to your Gemfile:

gem "solidus_multi_domain"

Then run from the command line:

bundle install
rails g solidus_multi_domain:install

You should see ‘Stores & Domains’ in Configuration tab of Spree Admin.


To see if your stores indeed do point to the correct and unique domains, start your server with

rails s -p 3000 -b

and give a store a domain like

If you’d like access to Solidus factories for your own tests that work well with this extension, add the following to your spec_helper:

require "spree_multi_domain/testing_support/factory_overrides"


For discrete authorization, two permission sets have been added to allow for granular display in the admin.

Spree::PermissionSets::StoreDisplay and Spree::PermissionSets::StoreManagement have been added and can be assigned via RoleConfiguration


Then just run the following to automatically build a dummy app if necessary and run the tests:

bundle exec rake

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Extra capabilities for running multi-tennant stores on Solidus ...

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