JavaScript library for Interactive high quality 3D globes and maps in the browser

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maprayJS is a JavaScript library for a high quality interactive 3D globes and map on the web. It is based on WebGL. WebSite



  <script src=""></script>


npm install --save mapray-js


World Terrain data hosted by mapray cloud platform. Access Token is required to access to mapray cloud, it is under Closed Alpha Test and is released to a limited number of end-users. Mapray cloud managed by Sony Network Communications Inc. If you have any questions about the access token of mapray cloud or the services of mapray cloud, please contact us from the contact page.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <title>Hello Globe</title>
    <script src=""></script>
    html, body {
        height: 100%;
        margin: 0;
    div#mapray-container {
        display: flex;
        height: 100%;
    <div id="mapray-container"></div>

     // Set Access Token for mapray cloud
       var accessToken = "<your access token here>";

       // For Image tiles
       var imageProvider = new mapray.StandardImageProvider( "", ".jpg", 256, 0, 18 );

       // Create viewer
       var viewer = new mapray.Viewer(
           "mapray-container", {
               image_provider: imageProvider,
               dem_provider: new mapray.CloudDemProvider(accessToken)

       // Setting the position of camera
       var home_pos = { longitude: 138.247739, latitude: 35.677604, height: 3000 };

       var home_view_to_gocs = mapray.GeoMath.iscs_to_gocs_matrix( home_pos, mapray.GeoMath.createMatrix());

       var cam_pos = mapray.GeoMath.createVector3( [-3000, 2600, 1000] );
       var cam_end_pos    = mapray.GeoMath.createVector3( [0, 0, 0] );
       var cam_up         = mapray.GeoMath.createVector3( [0, 0, 1] );

       var view_to_home = mapray.GeoMath.createMatrix();
       mapray.GeoMath.lookat_matrix(cam_pos, cam_end_pos, cam_up, view_to_home);

       var view_to_gocs =;
       mapray.GeoMath.mul_AA( home_view_to_gocs, view_to_home, view_to_gocs ); = 30; = 500000;


All documents only support Japanese.

Documentation on Mapray official website

API documents

npm run jsdoc


maprayJS is licensed under the MIT license.