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Cyclomatic Complexity Calculator for Ruby

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Cycromatic calculates cyclomatic complexity of Ruby programs.


Install by gem:

$ gem install cycromatic


Run cycromatic command to calculate complexity:

$ cycromatic ruby_program.rb    # Specify paths to .rb files
$ cycromatic app config         # Specify directories including .rb files

The output will be like the following:

$ cycromatic ../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    [toplevel]:1    1
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    initialize:8    1
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    translate:14    1
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    with_new_block:20   3
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    current_block:37    1
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    push_stmt:41    1
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    normalize_node:46   3
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    translate0:59   52
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    translate_arg:478   3
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    translate_call:491  2
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    translate_params:533    2
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    value_node?:547 7
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    fresh_var:566   1
../contror/lib/contror/anf/translator.rb    translate_var:571   5

The tool accepts --format=json option to output in JSON format.


It calculates complexities as the following:

  • Basic block have complexity of 1 (base case)
  • Branching construct have complexity of 1
  • Loop construct have complexity of 1
  • && and || have complexity of 1
  • Safe navigation operator have complexity of 1
  • Passing iterator block does not introduce complexity


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at

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