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Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence.

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= Using Spinnaker

If you are only interested in using Spinnaker, please refer to the main Spinnaker site and http://www.spinnaker.io/docs/target-deployment-setup[Installation] guide.

If you want more information on how Spinnaker is designed, see the http://www.spinnaker.io/docs/overview[Documentation Overview].

= Setting Up Spinnaker For Development

These instructions cover pulling Spinnaker from source and setting up to run locally against Amazon Web Services and/or Google Cloud Platform accounts.

Please ensure you have set up your target environment correctly by following step 1 of the http://www.spinnaker.io/docs/target-deployment-setup[Getting Started Documentation].

If you do not wish to build from source, please follow the http://www.spinnaker.io/docs/creating-a-spinnaker-instance#section-localhost[Localhost] section of the Creating a Spinnaker Instance guide.

If you would prefer to try a container based solution, see https://github.com/spinnaker/spinnaker/tree/master/experimental/docker-compose[docker-compose installation].

These scripts are tested on:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Mac OS X 10.11

== Get the bootstrap / configuration repo


export SPINNAKER_HOME=/path/to/your/Spinnaker/workspace

mkdir -p $SPINNAKER_HOME cd $SPINNAKER_HOME git clone [email protected]:spinnaker/spinnaker.git

== Configure your environment

The Spinnaker platform has a few prerequisites, which are installed as a part of this configuration process. They are:

=== Mac OS X

You need to have http://brew.sh/[homebrew] installed and ensure your version of git is above 2.0. Cassandra must be 2.1.x where x >= 11 or you must enable thrift.


brew tap caskroom/cask brew install brew-cask brew install redis homebrew/versions/cassandra21 packer brew cask install java cd $SPINNAKER_HOME mkdir build cd build ../spinnaker/dev/refresh_source.sh --pull_origin --use_ssh --github_user default

=== Ubuntu Linux


cd $SPINNAKER_HOME spinnaker/dev/install_development.sh spinnaker/dev/bootstrap_dev.sh

The bootstrap_dev.sh script will ask to install additional components. gcloud is only needed to write releases to Google Cloud Storage, but is convenient to have if you plan on using or accessing Google Cloud Platform resources from your development environment. These could be installed at a system level rather than user level, but the default install requires updating your path so is performed here.

== Configure Spinnaker

We will create a directory for Spinnaker configuration overrides and create an override to select the appropriate cloud provider(s).


cd $SPINNAKER_HOME mkdir -p $HOME/.spinnaker touch $HOME/.spinnaker/spinnaker-local.yml chmod 600 $HOME/.spinnaker/spinnaker-local.yml

Ideally you only need to add the properties you want to override.

However if you are not comfortable editing yml, you can copy the

entire file. The difference is that you may be overriding future

changes to default values that you otherwise would not care about.

cp spinnaker/config/spinnaker.yml $HOME/.spinnaker/spinnaker-local.yml

$EDITOR $HOME/.spinnaker/spinnaker-local.yml

If you are deployed onto a supported cloud provider (e.g., AWS or Google) and you only wish to deploy on that platform then you do not need to perform additional configuration. Otherwise, edit $HOME/.spinnaker/spinnaker-local.yml and set the enabled option for the cloud provider(s) of your choice and configure the attributes for that provider.

== Start Spinnaker Services

If you're running on Mac OS X, please make sure that your Redis and Cassandra servers are up and running. Make sure that cqlsh is accessible in your path and you can connect to Cassandra by calling cqlsh in your terminal.


cd $SPINNAKER_HOME/build ../spinnaker/dev/run_dev.sh [service]

If a service is provided, then just that one service will be started. If no service is provided, then all the services will be started (including Redis and Cassandra unless they are specified with a remote host). If a service is already running (even if not yet available) then it will not be restarted.

Note run_dev.sh might get stuck waiting on a service to start. Hitting CTRL-C just stops the waiting on service, it doesn't terminate the services. If it seems stuck, stop and restart run_dev.sh.

== Stop Spinnaker Services


cd $SPINNAKER_HOME/build ../spinnaker/dev/stop_dev.sh [service]

If a service is provided, then just that one service will be stopped. If no service is provided then all the spinnaker services will be stopped. Cassandra and Redis are not affected by stop_dev.sh.

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