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Vagrant: Debian VM (wheezy 64bit) with PHP 5.5.7, MySQL, Nginx, Redis

Vagrant: Debian VM (wheezy 64bit) with PHP 5.5.7, MySQL 5.5, Nginx, Redis, MongoDB

Vagrant + Puppet installation of Debian focusing on PHP development.


This vagrant/puppet build installs the following: - PHP 5.5.7 - Nginx - PHP-FPM - Redis - Memcached - MySQL 5.5.X - ElasticSearch - RabbitMQ - MongoDB

The following PECL extensions are installed as well: - amqp - curl - imagick - jsmin - memcached - mongo - redis - uuid - xdebug - xhprof


The following instructions are specific to OSX.


  • OSX 10.8+
  • Vagrant

Install Vagrant

Download and install vagrant (1.2.2+):

Clone the git repository

Clone the repository in your prefered location, initialize submodules, and update:

$ git clone --recursive

–recursive is important, as you want to initialize and update the submodules included in this repo.

Vagrant up

From the root of the directory of the cloned project, vagrant up:

$ cd vagrant-debian-php-vm
$ vagrant up

Note: You may be prompted with your OSX password during the point where NFS is enabled. You must provide your password to proceed.


The host IP is

The following ports have been exposed for the following services: * Nginx: 80 * ElasticSearch: 9200

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