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ruby rake task to link check a site

5 years after MIT

h1. Cohesion

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h2. Intro

Cohesion is a group of tasks that allow you to check link cohesion in a site.

h2. Installation

Add to your Gemfile

bc. gem 'cohesion'

or you can just install without bundler with

bc. gem install cohesion

h2. Usage

h3. Command Line

Running from the command line has the following syntax

bc. cohesion --url

h4. Options

Cohesion allows you to control the crawl through various command line options. These are available through help (see below) and are listed here.

h4. Help

Help with available options is available with --help

bc. cohesion --help

h3. Rake

You can check an external site with the rake task below. This will crawl the site and check each link within the site, and will also check the links to external sites. It will also check image, stylesheet and javascript references from link tags.

bc. rake cohesion:check[""]

h4. Checking your local development environment

Originally the intention was to add this to your specs and render the rails templates from within the app, i've not completed this yet so currently you can check your local development environment the same way as you do an external, but point to your local server:

bc. rake cohesion:check["http://localhost:3000/"] k

h2. Future

I intend to add the ability to check the rails app without starting the server though, which would allow you to add it to your specs.

h2. Contribute

If you want to contribute, you can fork the github repository and submit pull requests, or you can donate me some development fuel... ie coffee/beer use this link


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