My personal dot files


My personal dot files

Some people were interested in seeing my dot files. It will also be useful for me to be able to clone these to other machines or fresh OS installs. I am more interested in keeping this useful for me than being general settings that would be good lots of people.

Installation instructions

I don’t recommend trying to install this. These instructions are not complete, and this has not been installed or tested on any systems other than ones I develop on. You can easilly damage your system or lose settings or files trying to install this. I recommend looking through these files for inspiration rather than trying to install them, as this is all very custom to my workflow. If you don’t yet understand the concept of dot files or why someone would make their dot files available on github, you should learn that first.

The develop branch is compatible with the develop branch of my Vim plugins. The master branch is compatible with the master branch of my Vim plugins. I only update the master branch here when I update the master branch on my plugins.

1) clone this repository to a new directory

2) Copy the .git directory from the clone to your home

3) Run git status from your home. Anything showing up as modified is a file you will be overwriting shortly. Make backup copies of these files. As a way of making sure you didn’t miss anything. Delete each file after backing it up. Each time you delete one of these files, git status should show one less modified file. Once git status no longer shows any modified files, you are ready to move on to the next step.

6) Run git checkout . from your home.

7) Run git status from your home. You should have a clean working directory.

8) Delete the original clone directory, probably named dreamy-dot-files. You don’t need it because your home directory is also a clone now.

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