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LoopBack makes it easy to build modern applications that require complex integrations.



LoopBack is a highly-extensible, open-source Node.js framework that enables you to:

  • Create dynamic end-to-end REST APIs with little or no coding.
  • Access data from Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, SOAP and other REST APIs.
  • Incorporate model relationships and access controls for complex APIs.
  • Use built-in push, geolocation, and file services for mobile apps.
  • Easily create client apps using Android, iOS, and JavaScript SDKs.
  • Run your application on-premises or in the cloud.

LoopBack consists of:

  • A library of Node.js modules.
  • Yeoman generators for scaffolding applications.
  • Client SDKs for iOS, Android, and web clients.

LoopBack tools include: * Command-line tool loopback-cli to create applications, models, data sources, and so on.

For more details, see http://loopback.io/.

Supported versions

Current Long Term Support
3.x 2.x

Learn more about our LTS plan in docs.

LoopBack modules

The LoopBack framework is a set of Node.js modules that you can use independently or together.

LoopBack modules



Enterprise Connectors

Community Connectors

The LoopBack community has created and supports a number of additional connectors. See Community connectors for details.


Client SDKs



StrongLoop provides a number of example applications that illustrate various key LoopBack features. In some cases, they have accompanying step-by-step instructions (tutorials).

See loopback-example for details.



Contributions to the LoopBack project are welcome! See Contributing to LoopBack for more information.

Reporting issues

One of the easiest ways to contribute to LoopBack is to report an issue. See Reporting issues for more information.


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LoopBack makes it easy to build modern applications that require complex integrations. ...



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depd ^1.0.0
ejs ^2.3.1
express ^4.14.0
inflection ^1.6.0
isemail ^2.2.1
loopback-connector-remote ^3.0.0
loopback-datasource-juggler ^3.9.3
loopback-phase ^3.0.0
nodemailer ^2.5.0
nodemailer-stub-transport ^1.0.0
serve-favicon ^2.2.0
stable ^0.1.5
strong-globalize ^2.7.0
strong-remoting ^3.0.0
uid2 0.0.3
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grunt-eslint ^19.0.0
grunt-karma ^2.0.0
grunt-mocha-test ^0.12.7
karma ^1.1.2
karma-browserify ^5.1.1
karma-chrome-launcher ^1.0.1
karma-es6-shim ^1.0.0
karma-firefox-launcher ^1.0.0
karma-html2js-preprocessor ^1.0.0
karma-junit-reporter ~1.0.0
karma-mocha ^1.1.1
karma-phantomjs-launcher ^1.0.0
karma-script-launcher ^1.0.0
loopback-boot ^2.7.0
loopback-context ^1.0.0
mocha ^3.0.0
nyc ^10.1.2
phantomjs-prebuilt ^2.1.7
sinon ^1.13.0
sinon-chai ^2.8.0
strong-error-handler ^2.1.0
strong-task-emitter ^0.0.6
supertest ^3.0.0


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