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The "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution

Symfony Standard Edition

Welcome to the Symfony Standard Edition - a fully-functional Symfony application that you can use as the skeleton for your new applications.

For details on how to download and get started with Symfony, see the Installation chapter of the Symfony Documentation.

What’s inside?

The Symfony Standard Edition is configured with the following defaults:

  • An AppBundle you can use to start coding;

  • Twig as the only configured template engine;

  • Doctrine ORM/DBAL;

  • Swiftmailer;

  • Annotations enabled for everything.

It comes pre-configured with the following bundles:

  • FrameworkBundle - The core Symfony framework bundle

  • SensioFrameworkExtraBundle - Adds several enhancements, including template and routing annotation capability

  • DoctrineBundle - Adds support for the Doctrine ORM

  • TwigBundle - Adds support for the Twig templating engine

  • SecurityBundle - Adds security by integrating Symfony’s security component

  • SwiftmailerBundle - Adds support for Swiftmailer, a library for sending emails

  • MonologBundle - Adds support for Monolog, a logging library

  • WebProfilerBundle (in dev/test env) - Adds profiling functionality and the web debug toolbar

  • SensioDistributionBundle (in dev/test env) - Adds functionality for configuring and working with Symfony distributions

  • SensioGeneratorBundle (in dev/test env) - Adds code generation capabilities

  • DebugBundle (in dev/test env) - Adds Debug and VarDumper component integration

All libraries and bundles included in the Symfony Standard Edition are released under the MIT or BSD license.


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package version
php >=5.5.9
doctrine/doctrine-bundle ^1.6
doctrine/orm ^2.5
incenteev/composer-parameter-handler ^2.0
sensio/distribution-bundle ^5.0.19
sensio/framework-extra-bundle ^3.0.2
symfony/monolog-bundle ^3.1.0
symfony/polyfill-apcu ^1.0
symfony/swiftmailer-bundle ^2.3.10
symfony/symfony 3.3.*
twig/twig ^1.0||^2.0
dev sensio/generator-bundle ^3.0
symfony/phpunit-bridge ^3.0


-   v3.1.4 zip tar
-   v3.1.3 zip tar
-   v3.1.2 zip tar
-   v3.1.1 zip tar
-   v3.1.0 zip tar
-   v3.1.0-RC1 zip tar
-   v3.1.0-BETA1 zip tar
-   v3.0.9 zip tar
-   v3.0.8 zip tar
-   v3.0.7 zip tar
-   v3.0.6 zip tar
-   v3.0.5 zip tar
-   v3.0.4 zip tar
-   v3.0.3 zip tar
-   v3.0.2 zip tar
-   v3.0.1 zip tar
-   v3.0.0 zip tar
-   v3.0.0-BETA1 zip tar
-   v2.8.11 zip tar
-   v2.8.10 zip tar
-   v2.8.9 zip tar
-   v2.8.8 zip tar
-   v2.8.7 zip tar
-   v2.8.6 zip tar
-   v2.8.5 zip tar
-   v2.8.4 zip tar
-   v2.8.3 zip tar
-   v2.8.2 zip tar
-   v2.8.1 zip tar
-   v2.8.0 zip tar