syncthing-gtk 0,0 python

GTK3 & python based GUI for Syncthing


GTK3 & Python based GUI and notification area icon for [Syncthing][syncthing]

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Supported Syncthing features
  • Everything what WebUI can display
  • Adding / editing / deleting nodes
  • Adding / editing / deleting repositories
  • Restart / shutdown server
  • Editing daemon settings
Additional features
  • First run wizard for initial configuration
  • Running Syncthing daemon in background
  • Half-automatic setup for new nodes and repositories
  • Filesystem watching and instant synchronization using inotify
  • Nautilus (a.k.a. Files), Nemo and Caja integration
  • Desktop notifications
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Optional Dependencies
  • pyinotify for instant synchronization.
  • libnotify for desktop notifications.
  • nautilus-python, nemo-python or caja-python for filemanager integration
Windows Building Dependencies (you don’t need to install these just to run Syncthing-GTK)
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GTK3 & python based GUI for Syncthing ...

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