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"The Rails Port"

This is The Rails Port, the Ruby on Rails application that powers the OpenStreetMap website and API. The software is also known as "openstreetmap-website".

This repository consists of:

  • The web site, including user accounts, diary entries, user-to-user messaging
  • The XML-based editing API
  • The integrated versions of the Potlatch, Potlatch 2 and iD editors
  • The Browse pages - a web front-end to the OpenStreetMap data
  • The GPX uploads, browsing and API.

A fully-functional Rails Port installation depends on other services, including map tile servers and geocoding services, that are provided by other software. The default installation uses publically-available services to help with development and testing.


This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License 2.0, a copy of which can be found in the LICENSE file.


The Rails Port is a Ruby on Rails application that uses PostgreSQL as its database, and has a large number of dependencies for installation. For full details please see


We're always keen to have more developers! Pull requests are very welcome.

  • Bugs are recorded in the issue tracker.
  • Some bug reports are also found on the OpenStreetMap trac system, in the "website" and "api" components
  • Translation is managed by Translatewiki
  • There is a [email protected] mailing list for development discussion.
  • IRC - there is the #osm-dev channel on
  • There are also weekly meetings of the OpenStreetMap Foundation Engineering Working Group (EWG) on Mondays at 1700 UTC on the #osm-ewg channel.

More details on contributing to the code are in the file.

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