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Package for using ReactJS with Laravel

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With react-laravel you'll be able to use ReactJS components right from your Blade views, with optional server-side rendering, and use them on the client-side with React due to unobtrusive JavaScript.


V8js dependency

It's important to know that react-laravel has an indirect dependency of the v8js PHP extension.

You can see how to install it here: how to install v8js.


Set the minimum-stability of your composer.json to dev, adding this:

  "minimum-stability": "dev"

Then run:

  $ composer require talyssonoc/react-laravel:0.11

After that you should add this to your providers at the config/app.php file of your Laravel app:


And then run:

  php artisan vendor:publish

And the react.php file will be available at the config folder of your app.


After the installation and configuration, you'll be able to use the @react_component directive in your views.

The @react_component directive accepts 3 arguments:

  @react_component(<componentName>[, props, options])

  @react_component('Message', [ 'title' => 'Hello, World' ], [ 'prerender' => true ])

  // example using namespaced component
  @react_component('Acme.Message', [ 'title' => 'Hello, World' ], [ 'prerender' => true ])
  • componentName: Is the name of the global variable that holds your component. When using Namespaced Components you may use dot-notation for the component name.
  • props: Associative of the props that'll be passed to your component
  • options: Associative array of options that you can pass to the react-laravel:
    • prerender: Tells react-laravel to render your component server-side, and then just mount it on the client-side. Default to true.
    • tag: The tag of the element that'll hold your component. Default to 'div'.
    • html attributes: Any other valid HTML attribute that will be added to the wrapper element of your component. Example: 'id' => 'my_component'.

All your components should be inside public/js/components.js (you can configure it, see below) and be global.

You must include react.js, react-dom.js and react_ujs.js (in this order) in your view. You can concatenate these files together using laravel-elixir.

react-laravel provides a ReactJS installation and the react_us.js file, they'll be at public/vendor/react-laravel folder after you install react-laravel and run:

  $ php artisan vendor:publish --force

For using the files provided by react-laravel and your components.js file, add this to your view:

  <script src="{{ asset('vendor/react-laravel/react.js') }}"></script>
  <script src="{{ asset('vendor/react-laravel/react-dom.js') }}"></script>
  <script src="{{ asset('js/components.js') }}"></script>
  <script src="{{ asset('vendor/react-laravel/react_ujs.js') }}"></script>

If you'll use a different version from the one provided by react-laravel (see composer.json), you got to configure it (see below).


You can change settings to react-laravel at the config/react.php file:

  return [
    'source' => 'path_for_react.js',
    'dom-source' => 'path_for_react-dom.js',
    'dom-server-source' => 'path_for_react-dom-server.js',
    'components' => 'path_for_file_containing_your_components.js'

All of them are optional.

  • source: defaults to public/vendor/react-laravel/react.js.
  • dom-source: defaults to public/vendor/react-laravel/react-dom.js.
  • dom-server-source: defaults to public/vendor/react-laravel/react-dom-server.js.
  • components: defaults to public/js/components.js

Your components.js file should also be included at your view, and all your components must be at the window object.


This package is inspired at react-rails.

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