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Retrofit implementation in PHP. A REST client for PHP.

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Retrofit PHP

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This library aims to ease creation of REST clients. It is blatantly stolen from square/retrofit and implemented in PHP.


Retrofit allows you to define your REST API with a simple interface.


use Tebru\Retrofit\Annotation as Rest;

interface GitHubService
     * @Rest\GET("/users/{user}/list")
     * @Rest\Returns("ArrayCollection<ListRepo>")
    public function listRepos($user);

Annotations are used to configure the endpoint. Then, the RestAdapter class generates a working implementation of the service interface.


use Tebru\Retrofit\Adapter\RestAdapter;

$restAdapter = RestAdapter::builder()

$gitHubService = $restAdapter->create(GitHubService::class);

Our newly created service is capable of making GET requests to /users/$user/list to return an ArrayCollection of ListRepo objects.

$repos = $gitHubService->listRepos('octocat');

Usage examples are referenced from Square's documentation

Installation & Usage

composer require tebru/retrofit-php

Please make sure you also install an http client. Currently guzzle is the only supported option

composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle



This project is licensed under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file for more information.

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package version
php >= 5.4
jms/serializer ^1.0
phpoption/phpoption ^1.1
symfony/console ^2.3|^3.0
tebru/assert ^0.2
tebru/dynamo ^0.3.1
tebru/retrofit-http-clients ^0.6.6
symfony/event-dispatcher ^2.3|^3.0
guzzlehttp/psr7 ^1.0
psr/log ^1.0
dev mockery/mockery ^0.9.4
phpunit/phpunit ^4.0
guzzlehttp/guzzle ^5.3|^6.0
behat/behat ^3.1
tebru/retrofit-test-api ~0.1


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